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Improvisational Leadership

  • 1 day(s)Duration
  • MDP1458Course Code

As a BRM your environment may change hundreds of times within the scope of one day. Understanding the nuances of each of these environments has a tremendous impact on your ability to perform at your peak and provide maximum value to your business partners. Practicing improvisational techniques will allow you to quickly analyze changing conditions and communicate quickly and effectively as they are happening. Improvisational leaders enhance their ability to interpret and adapt to their ever-changing surroundings. This is done with an omnipresent focus on their goals.

This course develops your ability for “yes and” — we’re all highly skilled and practiced at critiquing, judging and defining. We are adept at saying no. The “yes and” approach gives us the ability to respond to potentially stressful situations in a more relaxed, productive, and relationship-building approach. These two words have a powerful effect in all relationships, motivation, and creativity. “Yes and” can be used to positively refocus unproductive conversations, and to redirect brainstorming to be more effective. As a wonderful side-benefit, these skills help us be more amicable, popular, and influential in personal relationships as well.

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