Leadership Learning Journeys

Leadership Learning JourneysCorporate Education Group’s Leadership Learning Journeys provide unique, collaborative learning experiences that mirror key aspects of the work environment. The combination of paired, small-group, and capstone team work facilitates “intersectional” learning, where leaders learn with, from, and about one another.

This environment fosters critical thinking and provides the opportunity to benefit from others’ perspectives and experiences. Flexible and scalable in terms of program duration and delivery method, CEG’s Leadership Learning Journeys are aligned with best practices in learning experience design (LXD) and are structured and paced in such a way to reflect the gradual unfolding of knowledge.

Customized Learning Journeys

Contact info@corpedgroup.com to learn more about the flexible nature of our learning journey approach and create a program that is tailored to your needs.

Learning Journeys

Aspiring Leaders Learning Journey

This highly interactive learning journey is designed for those at the start of their career path who want help developing both the skills and confidence to become a valued team member.
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Aspiring Leaders Learning Journey Brochure

Developing Leaders Learning Journey

This highly interactive program is designed to build the mindset and skill set needed to successfully bridge the transition between individual contributor and manager or leader of people.
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Developing Leaders Learning Journey Brochure

Emerging Leaders Learning Journey

Build the mindset and skill needed to successfully bridge the transition between individual contributor and manager or leader of people.
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Inclusive Leadership Learning Journey

Create and sustain work environments in which diverse perspectives, contributions, and talents flourish.
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Innovation Leadership for Non-Technical Leaders

Designed specifically for non-technical leaders, our Innovation Leadership for Non-Technical Leaders course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to cultivate a culture of innovation.
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Project Leadership Learning Journey

The primary focus of the program is leadership that is centered on a basis of trust; thinking, and acting strategically; engaging in critical thinking; and using effective communication to foster innovation and facilitate organizational change, risk management, proactive planning and root cause analysis.
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Project Leadership Learning Journey Brochure

Strategic Leaders Learning Journey

CEG’s Strategic Leaders Learning Journey is designed to take your leadership prowess to a deeper level by honing the skills that enable influence over organizational culture. The program is ideal for new executives and experienced senior leaders who want to think strategically, develop strategic skills, and understand how they can help drive the business forward.
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Tackling Bias and Creating Inclusion Learning Journey

Explore the landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), with self-awareness and inquiry as a starting place.
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Women in Leadership

The Women in Leadership Learning Journey is a highly-interactive program focused on building the mindset and skill set women need to be confident and successful in leadership roles.
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Virtual Leadership Learning Journey

This highly-interactive learning journey is laser focused on building the mindset, skill set and tool set that managers need to create a healthy and high-performing hybrid team culture — one that enables all team members to perform at their best, regardless of physical location.
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Virtual Leadership Learning Journey

Benefits of CEG’s Leadership Learning Journeys

  • Feature diverse learning methods and channels, catering to a variety of learning styles and preferences.
  • Blend individual, paired, and small-group work to reinforce classroom learning.
  • Are flexible and can be optimized to align with organizational objectives and constraints.
  • Utilize shorter duration classroom segments that lessen time commitment and optimize engagement.

Sample Learning Journey Roadmap

Emerging Leaders Roadmap Sample

To learn more about the training options for your leaders simply email CEG at info@corpedgroup.com or call us at +1.978.649.8281.

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