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Coaching Solutions

Coaching and mentoring is a performance tool that can improve and optimize the function of your team, department and entire organization and complement your overall employee development strategy.

After completing training, CEG’s consultants can continue to work with your organization to guide, counsel, and put newly-learned skills into practice. This critical service reinforces learning through real-world application and ensures knowledge is immediately put into practice. Here at CEG we know that there can be several barriers to implementation—and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Depending on your organization’s needs, CEG’s coaching and mentoring services can be done in-person or remotely.

CEG’s coaching services are designed to provide a flexible and proven approach to facilitate the achievement of individual growth objectives. Below is an overview of the CEG’s coaching framework:

CEG Coaching Phases

Each coaching engagement includes:

  • Specific and measurable outcomes agreed upon by all stakeholders
  • Customized plan, including what’s needed to sustain success
  • Access to the coach between coaching sessions
  • Relevant homework between sessions
  • Additional learning resources as identified

Coaching Considerations

Each coaching engagement is unique in goals, cadence, duration, and components such as assessments, and independent learning assignments. However, the framework below takes into account expectation and standards for all engagements:

  • Access to the coach — support will be available in between coaching sessions in the form of brief phone calls, emails, and referral to resources. A 24 hour response is guaranteed, typically it’s faster.
  • Adherence to International Coaching Standards — All information discussed between Coach and Coachee is confidential.
  • Client-Coach relationship — Having a coach is a shared responsibility. It is imperative for the Coachee to voice his/her needs. The Coach needs to know what is needed and wanted, what is working and not working in the coaching partnership. The Coach commits to be unconditionally constructive and to challenge the Coachee towards desired results.

For more information on this topic, as well as how Corporate Education Group can help power your organization’s performance, contact us via email or call 1.800.288.7246 (US only) or +1.978.649.8200. You can also use our Information Request Form!

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