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Management and Leadership

Leadership Presence

  • Traditional Classroom: ½-day
  • Virtual Instructor-led: One 3-hour session; One 4-hour session; Two 2-hour sessions

Leadership Presence is an experience that provides participants with the tools and skills they need to strengthen their ability to be successful. Whether this means moving into an executive suite, leading a project team, having more impact in an existing role, or aspiring for a new position, the skills taught in this program are transferable. Participants leave the program with increased emotional intelligence regarding who they are, how they should be leading in the organization, whom they need to build alliances with, how they need to present themselves, and what they need to do tomorrow to make it all happen.

Target Audience

This course is targeted at executives, high potentials, directors, managers, and team leaders.

Learning Objectives

The program utilizes a highly-interactive, innovative design filled with group dialog, experiential exercises, and self-reflection. The ideas and techniques are built on industry thought leader concepts and best practices for overall effectiveness in leadership presence. Highlights include:

  • Create a self-awareness of your current leadership presence and markers.
  • Break down the three main attributes of leadership presence and how they align with your unique leadership presence.
  • Describe the impact emotional intelligence plays in successful interactions.
  • Evaluate your personal brand and diminish acts of random branding.

Key Takeaways

  • Individual credibility statement(s) customized for their most important audiences
  • Higher emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • Personal branding strategy to distinguish leaders in the organization
  • Increased social acumen to better “decode” and manage relationships
  • Reliable organizational story telling methodology for building commitment
  • Powerful presentation tips and techniques
  • Personalized action plan with key milestones

Pre-Course Work

Optional: Prior to the course, participants will be asked to prepare a five-minute verbal business update on the state of their business group.

Course Outline

  • Agenda, Roles, Ground Rules
  • How Do You Define Leadership Presence?
Leadership Presence Assessment and Case Study
  • What Is Leadership Presence?
  • Leadership Presence Self-Assessment
The Critical Components of Credibility
  • Six Dimensions of Credibility: Conviction, Character, Care, Courage, Composure, Competence
  • Action Planning: How You Will Address the 6 Cs
Social Acumen and Understanding You
  • Interaction Styles® Self-Assessment
  • Interaction Styles Overview
  • Your Preferred Style
  • Style Flexing
Savvy Leaders and Emotional Intelligence
  • What Is Emotional Intelligence?
  • Why EQ Is Important
  • Goleman’s EQ Model
Defining You and Your Unique Brand
  • Understand Your Strengths
  • Define Your Brand Qualities
  • Construct Your Brand Statement
  • The Branding Process
    • Performance Results
    • Preferred Qualities
    • Brand Qualities
    • Brand Statement
  • Action Planning: How Will You Strengthen Your Brand?
Confident Storytelling
  • Importance of On-Target Messaging
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Know Your Audience
  • Map Your Story
  • Confident Storytelling
Wrap Up and Action Planning

MDV1564 Course Code

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