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Training Video Quick-Takes

Glean valuable insights, tips and tricks that can be applied immediately on the job from leading subject matter experts in the fields of project management, business analysis, leadership, management and more!

Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations, Crystell Anthony, CEG

When faced with a difficult conversation, controlling the way you express your emotions, using active listening and maintaining positive body language can determine whether the outcome of the discussion is positive or negative.

How to Manage and Prevent Conflict, Crystell Anthony, CEG

Conflict cannot be avoided entirely, however, a difference of opinion does not have to turn into a heated argument. If disagreements are properly managed, conflict can actually be a positive force in the workplace.

Recognize and Resolve Project Communication Barriers, Benoit DeGrace, CEG

Using Communication is key: keep a project running smoothly, by recognizing and resolving communication barriers before they cause irreparable damage.

Three Key Tenets of Organizational Agility, Michael Delis, CEG

Develop an agile mindset-values-principles to improve your organization's ability to rapidly adapt to change.

Three Core Competencies of Success Project Managers, Benoit DeGrace, CEG

Being a successful project manager is a compilation of talents and core competencies. To become a project manager, it is important to assess your basic strengths and weaknesses.

Improve Project Performance and Effectiveness by Using Agile Retrospectives, Michael Delis, CEG

Harness the power of agile retrospectives to improve project performance by applying constructive change to project processes.

How to Flex Your Power as a Project Manager, Benoit DeGrace, CEG

Flexing your project management muscles the right way can be the difference between the success and failure of your team.

Agile PM in a Waterfall World, Michael Delis, CEG

Adopt Agile project management to enable your organization to consistently deliver business value and ROI.

Process Optimization Tactics, Artie Mahal, CEG

Process optimization is most successful when you understand the key components that make up a standard process.

Business Process Improvement: Secrets to Success, Artie Mahal, CEG

Learn the secrets to success for a business process improvement project when you use the business process management methodology from BPTrends.

Business Processes: 7 Reasons to Care, Artie Mahal, CEG

Learn seven reasons why you should care about business processes and how they help measure and maintain the health of your business.

How to Craft a Compelling Message: Crystal Anthony, CEG

In this video you will learn how to improve your presentation skills, by crafting a compelling message to have your listeners hanging on your every word.

Improve Project Efficiency

Projects managers and functional managers don't always see eye to eye, but when they're able to work together in harmony, projects efficiency greatly increases.

Power of Mind Mapping

Learn how mind mapping can be a powerful technique to help project managers organize information, gather requirements, make decisions or plan.

Organizational Strategy

By understanding your company's organizational strategy you can improve and direct your team's tactical execution and turn business objectives into a reality.

Progressive Elaboration

An effective project management plan is more than just a schedule detailing how and when things get done. It includes how your project will be executed, monitored, controlled and closed.

Progressive Elaboration

Using a progressive elaboration approach with iterative requirements development during a project can greatly reduce doubt, uncertainty and numerous revisions.

Action Learning

Action learning is a development method that enables skill building with real-time application on the job.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to improve efficiency and get more comfortable with thinking critically and making decisions without perfect information in today’s fast-paced world.

Tuckman's Model and PM Phases

Tuckman’s model can be directly applied to project team development stages and aid project success.

Leading Business Analyst Dr. Martin Schedlbauer shares 10 ways to improve brainstorming sessions.

Learn 10 ways to improve a brainstorming session and identify requirements or get to the root cause of an issue faster.

A manager plays a crucial role in the leadership development journey of every employee.

Improve stakeholder management by creating a communication management subsidiary plan to ensure stakeholder communication lines remain open throughout the project.

A manager plays a crucial role in the leadership development journey of every employee.

Learn how a manager can play a crucial role in the leadership development journey of every employee.

Becoming a new project manager is easier with the right project management training and time management skills.

Stepping into a project management role can be a stressful experience so here are four tips that every newly minted project manager should know.

Change Management: Keeping your project's end users happy

Using a flipped classroom approach to learning improves corporate training results and fosters the application of skills on the job.

Change Management: Keeping your project's end users happy

This video illustrates how change management, or organizational readiness, can enable project teams to effectively implement change and meet end user expectations.

Marilyn Bota: How to Manage a High-Performance Team

Solid leadership, guidance and evolving team dynamics are critical to successfully manage a high-performance team.

Requirements Prioritization Video

Requirements prioritization can greatly improve project success and help you effectively manage stakeholder expectations.

PMP EXam Credential

The PMP credential is held by more than 500,000 project management professionals. Learn whether it's right for you.

Work Breakdown Structure

Since a project management plan has so many variables, creating a Work Breakdown Structure — also known as a WBS — is the light at the end of the project tunnel.

Leadership: It's a State of Mind

When transitioning effectively into a leadership role, your industry expertise is less important than having a leadership state of mind.

Requirements Workshop: The 4 P's

In order to have a successful requirements workshop, follow the Four P's Approach — plan, prepare, practice, and perform.

Personal Leadership Style: Defining the Leader in You

Defining the leader in you does not happen overnight, but you can learn how to identify your personal leadership style and sharpen your skills so your true talents shine.

How to Elaborate Requirements Through Use Cases and User Stories

Use cases and user stories are both excellent techniques for understanding what a user needs from a product, but while both have a similar purpose, they are not meant to be used interchangeably.

Six Warning Signs of Looming Project Failure

A smart project manager is able to recognize when a project should be nixed before it becomes a drain on your company's resources, manpower and finances.

Eight Critical Project Management Leadership Skills

Learn the eight critical project management leadership skills that make it easier to be a more successful and relatable project manager.