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The Power of Mind Mapping in Project Management

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Hello, I’m Eileen Twichell and I’m a senior trainer and consultant with Corporate Education Group. Mind mapping is an effective brainstorming technique that any project manager can use with their team to organize information, gather requirements, make decisions or plan. Our minds are not linear so mind mapping is a great way to stimulate the entire brain and allow it to jump around naturally. Since the right side of the brain is more creative and big-picture oriented, and the left side of the brain is more analytical and logical, mind mapping enables people to tap into both.

The concept of mind mapping is to build an interactive diagram that is interconnected, as opposed to a stagnant list of ideas that do not link together. Traditionally, mind mapping begins with a central image or concept in the middle of a blank page or landscape. From there, images, words and ideas are added using branch-like connectors to the central concept. Major ideas connect directly, while secondary thoughts and considerations branch out from those.

So why exactly is mind mapping so much more beneficial than traditional brainstorming?

First, mind mapping enables you and your team to save time by only writing relevant words and avoiding painstakingly long documents and note taking.

Second, mind mapping provides clarity by linking categories and ideas as the team brainstorms, organizes and progress with a project.

Third, mind mapping makes responsibilities and timelines easier to understand and remember when they are represented visually.

Lastly, mind mapping uncovers important factors, especially during the planning phase of a project, that are often forgotten since the brain is not hung up on organization and is allowed to “let it all out”.

Also, consider using a software program specifically designed for mind mapping, as it can be very helpful during this process. These programs often enable you and your team to mind map directly into a Gantt chart or outline, which can eliminate a step when organizing information to present to stakeholders.

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