Managing a Business Process Project

  • 2 day(s)Duration
  • 1.4 CEU/14 PDU/Credits/Units
  • MDP263Course Code
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Course description

This course is designed to introduce business process analysts and business managers to the management of business processes. We do not seek to teach a new approach to project management, but rely on the basic concepts taught in Project Management Institute® (PMI®) classes and defined in the PMI PMBOK Guide®. We provide participants with specific information, templates and worksheets that describe the special features of business process projects and teach participants to apply PMI concepts to business process problems. In addition to stressing the traditional concerns of project management, including planning, scheduling and budgeting, we stress change management concerns and constant communication with employees, peers and senior management to help sell process change. We also put a particular emphasis on steps involved in developing a business case for a process change project.

Who should attend

This course is designed for both managers and business analysts. It focuses on applying standard (PMI) concepts of project management to the specifics of a business process change project. This course is a must for business and IT analysts and designers involved in process-based change and the automation of process solutions. Anyone involved in any aspect of managing a business process change effort will benefit from this course. This course is particularly effective when project teams attend together.


Business Process Management Professional

What you will achieve

  • Review the basics of PMI Project Management
  • Understand how the PMI approach can be applied to process change projects
  • Understand how to organize a BPM project team
  • Understand the basics of planning and scheduling a BPM project
  • Understand the principles of change management and the importance of communication
  • Understand how to subcontract with other implementers
  • Understand how to communicate and gain project acceptance

What you will learn

  • How to develop and manage a process change project
  • How to use BPTrends diagrams and worksheets to quickly scope a project and define project milestones and gates
  • How to choose and use the right tools required to assure you maintain project control
  • How to manage quality and scope with time and cost in balance
  • How to reduce risk and anticipate, manage and avoid potential conflicts
  • How to build and present a business case for a process change project

Course Outline

Day One and Day Two
  1. Review: The BPTrends Associates BPM Methodology
  2. Business Process Project Management
  3. Understanding
  4. Analysis
  5. Redesign
  6. Implementation
  7. Roll Out
  8. Managing a Business Process Project