Seven Steps to Improved Workflows

Course description

The “Seven Steps to Improved Workflows” is a comprehensive introduction to those people starting to practice Business Process Improvement. Every business is a collection of processes. The average process contains over 80% “Non-Value Added Activity” (NVA). Identifying and eliminating NVA dramatically cuts cycle time and costs. Efficient workflows increase profitability, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Accordingly, Business Process Improvement is one of the most important activities for successful organizations. This three day course is highly interactive and content packed. The workshop will equip participants with the tools and techniques that they will need to measurably improve any business process in both blue and white collar environments. It is not uncommon for individuals applying these methods for the first time to reduce the number of steps in existing processes by 50% with corresponding reductions in cycle time. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will be fully capable to function as an internal Business Process Improvement consultant.

Who should attend

Anyone interested in improving operational efficiency and effectiveness. For people wishing to assume the duties of an internal Business Process Improvement Consultant this course is a must.

What you will achieve

  • Know how to use teams within the context of Business Process Improvement (BPI).
  • Know how to use a structured problem solving methodology.
  • Understand how to use the tools of BPI to identify and eliminate NVA.
  • Be capable of measurably and significantly improving any process
  • Be fully capable of fulfilling the duties of an internal BPI Consultant.

What you will learn

  • A structured problem solving methodology.
  • The cornerstone philosophy behind a successful BPI program.
  • How to reduce resistance and gain support for your BPI efforts.
  • How to use teams as part of BPI.
  • How to better understand the customer.
  • How to develop baseline metrics for present and future state processes.
  • How to perform a Value Added Work Flow Analysis.
  • How paradigms impact innovation.
  • How to identify and eliminate waste from work processes.
  • How to perform a cost benefit analysis.
  • How to “Sell” ideas using time tested proposal presentation techniques.
  • How to implement improvements using project management tools.
  • How to be proficient with over a dozen highly effective, time tested BPI tool