Emerging Leaders Learning Journey: Open Enrollment (Virtual)

This highly interactive program is designed to build the mindset and skill set needed to successfully bridge the transition between individual contributor and manager or leader of people. Throughout this experiential learning journey, participants will explore various dimensions of leadership with a focus on building strong relationships and delivering results. Topics addressed include: intentional communication, active listening, enhancing self-awareness, coaching and developing others, and building trust and connection. Activities include individual reflection, paired dialogue, role play, small group collaboration, discussion, mini case studies, and real-world application exercises.

Target Audience

Emerging Leaders Learning Journey is designed to guide and support recently promoted managers or aspiring leaders in growing targeted leadership skills and capabilities.

Program Components

  • Pre-Program Assessment
  • Before the program start, participants will take an online DISC behavioral assessment. This assessment will provide a foundational common language which will be integrated throughout the duration of the learning journey.
  • Virtual Sessions
  • There are five instructor-led, virtual learning sessions that explore various dimensions of leadership. The first session is four hours in duration and the remaining sessions are three hours long.
  • Bridge Learning
  • “Bridge” learning assignments are self-paced assignments that provide participants with the opportunity to extend or deepen their learning. Bridge assignments are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and include videos, podcasts, articles, white papers, and application challenges.
  • Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session
  • Participants meet individually with a CEG facilitator to receive targeted feedback and finalize their action plans to successfully “launch” into the next phase of their careers.

Program Structure

  • Pre-Program Assessment (30 minutes)
  • Five Virtual Learning Sessions (16 learning hours in total)
  • Two Self-Paced “Bridge” Learning Assignments (1 hour in total)
  • One Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session (30 minutes)

Program Topics and Activities

DiSC® Behavioral Assessment (30 min)
Learning Session 1: Intentional Communication (4 h)
  • Personality styles and communication preferences
  • Tailoring and targeting your message
  • Clarifying intention: how context shapes perception
  • Reframing communication challenges
Bridge Learning Assignment (Self-paced – 30 min)
Learning Session 2: Your Leadership Footprint (3 h)
  • Leadership SWOT analysis
  • Identifying core values
  • Connecting values to behaviors
  • Completing the sculpture — uncovering your unique brand
Learning Session 3: Building Trust and Connection (3 h)
  • Psychological safety and performance
  • Verbal and non-verbal active listening
  • Cultivating a coaching mindset
  • Asking powerful questions
Bridge Learning Assignment (Self-paced – 30 min)
Learning Session 4: Growing Your Influence (3 h)
  • Power and authority
  • Influencing is about the other person
  • Reading your “audience”
  • Eliciting unmet needs
  • Enhancing your credibility
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
Learning Session 5: Giving High-Impact Feedback (3 h)
  • Exploring the feedback process
  • The connection between feedback and engagement
  • A neuroscience perspective on feedback
  • Engaged feedback using the STAR Model
  • Role-play and skill practice
Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session (30 min sessions)
  • MDV2011Course Code