Practice Area

Management and Leadership

Intentional Communication

  • Virtual Instructor-led: 3-hour session

Communication is the number-one capability needed for professional success, and it’s a skill set we need to continually refine and develop. In this highly interactive session, we will use the Everything DiSC® framework as a lens to explore and understand different communication needs, styles, and preferences. Through individual reflection, small group activities, and collaborative work as a class, we will investigate the importance of flexing your communication style based on the needs of your audience. You’ll learn concrete techniques for communicating more intentionally and effectively with colleagues... and especially people whose styles are different than your own.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify various “filters” that have a negative effect on communication.
  • Explain the importance of tailoring your message to meet the needs of the receiver.
  • Infer how your personality impacts your communication preferences.
  • Articulate key differences between the four basic DiSC® styles.
  • Determine how communication styles and combinations impact working with others.
  • Identify ways to problem solve communication challenges when others have different styles.

Pre-Course Work

Everything DiSC® Online Self-Assessment

Course Outline

Getting Started
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Course Goals and Objective
  • Opening Activities
The Goal of Communication
  • The Medium and the Message
    • Communication Filters
    • A Lesson from the Archery Range
  • Personality and Communication Styles
    • Cornerstone Principles of DiSC
    • Class Activity: Identify Your DiSC Style
Exploring Your Everything DiSC Report
  • Priorities of Your DiSC Style
  • Individual Activity: Personalize Your Report
  • Small Group Activity: DiSC Style Motivators and Stressors
  • Individual Activity: Reacting to Other Styles
  • Class Activity: Identify the DiSC Style...
Increasing Your Personal Effectiveness
  • Individual Activity: What Challenges You?
  • Small Group Activity: Flexing Your Style
  • Individual Activity: Strategies for Action
  • Small Group Activity: Taking Action
  • Summary and Next Steps

MDV1010a Course Code

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Management and Leadership Training Solutions Catalog

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