Session Three: Hiring and Developing Peak Performers

In this third classroom training session of the Emerging Leaders Certificate Program, participants are introduced to a performance management process designed to bring out the best in the people you hire. With 30, 60 and 90 day plans to efficiently onboard any new hire, you will be able to set appropriate expectations and create a working environment that fosters long-term positivity and team success.

You will learn to:

  • differentiate need versus desire when defining roles and responsibilities;
  • hire the right people;
  • coach and develop your team to achieve greater levels of performance;
  • tailor discussions based on performance during employee reviews; and
  • delegate for success.

Key take away: The ability to successfully develop talent from hiring to on-boarding to ongoing closed-loop performance management.

Session Modules

Module 1: Defining Hiring Criteria and Identifying Top Talent

  • Understanding the employee life cycle
  • Defining competencies
  • Components of a job description
  • Legal considerations

Module 2: Planning for Acquiring Talent

  • Cost of turnover
  • Recruitment planning

Module 3: Recruitment Process, Selection, and Onboarding

  • Finding and Drawing Talent
  • Selecting the Best Fit
  • Making the Offer

Module 4: Developing and Coaching for High Performance

  • Employee engagement
  • 30/60/90 plan
  • Coaching strategies
  • Performance evaluations

Pre-Session Assignments

  • Read articles, summaries and/or cases
  • Listen to podcasts

Estimated Time Commitment: 2–4 hours

Post-Session Action Planning and Instructor-Facilitated Coaching Session

Post-session action planning and the instructor-facilitated group coaching forum are combined with the fourth classroom training session, High-Performing, Engaged Teams since both sessions are delivered in the same week.