Diversity in Harmony

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  • MDI1447Course Code
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Course description

This one-day course focuses on the benefits of nurturing the diversity of perspectives when working with another person or in a team. Participants will explore transforming their work relationships into ones of respect through discovering commonalities or interdependencies and in the context of aligning around a common goal. As a result, this mosaic perspective may modify one another’s viewpoint and fosters innovative, more resilient outputs.

This interactive workshop employs a variety of individual, paired, and group activities, allowing time for participants to practice the concepts discussed in the course.

Who should attend

Any individual, regardless of function, role, or level, will benefit from this course.

What you will achieve

  • Distinguish between a collaborative interaction and an ineffective one.
  • Create self-awareness around biases and understand their impact.
  • Understand and utilize best practices and benefits for including someone different from others.

What you will learn

Course Outline
Module 1: Creating Self-Awareness
  • Exercise: Exploring a Difficult Situation
  • Human Dynamics
  • Communication Model
    • Visual-Auditory-Kinetic Cues
  • Exercise: Role Play
  • Impact vs. Intention
    • Ladder of Inference
  • Perception vs. Reality
  • Exercise: Identifying Biases
  • Vibrancy Model
Module 2: Influencing Others
  • Exercise: What Motivates Us
  • Three Core Motivational Factors
  • Accountability Model
  • Exercise: Power of Recognition
  • High Performance and Robust Design
  • Exercise: Inviting a Hesitant Participant to Contribute
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Exercise: Diagnosing a Difficult Situation and My Response
  • Defining Influence
  • Exploring Stories and Beliefs
    • Asking Questions and Listening
  • Exercise: Idea Generation Techniques
Module 3: Put Into Practice
  • Exercise: Call to Action – Personal Action Plan