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The Best Teams: Introverts, Extroverts,
and Ambiverts (virtual)

  • 2 day(s) Duration
  • 1.4 CEU/14 PDU/Credits/Units
  • MDV1567 Course Code
  • Virtual Instructor-led Delivery Method

Effective, high-performing teams within organizations generate new ideas and approaches that solve problems and create innovative solutions efficiently, cost effectively and with highest level of quality.

One key element to this amazing process is world-class ideation. To do this well, everyone needs to be effective at gathering groundbreaking ideas and identifying possible flaws quickly.

This virtual instructor-led course supports effective collaboration among introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts within project teams. When understood these differences can be help break through barriers and reach new levels of achievement and performance.

This online course is science-based, lively, inclusive, and transformative. You will learn from research in the areas of neuroscience, team effectiveness, and unconscious bias.

Every workplace today needs to leverage relationships and attitudes that get things done fast. This experiential program teaches the elements of collaboration between groups and engages participants in activities and conversations that strengthen collaboration built on differences within groups.

Course Schedule
#Days Fee Date Location
2 $1,295 July 21 –22, 2020 Virtual Instructor-led


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