Leadership and Communication Skills for Project Managers

Course description

Leadership is about change and moving forward, and successful project managers are effective communicators that know when and how to be a leader. Each person and each project requires a slightly different style and approach. This workshop will teach project managers what leadership is, the role it can play in projects and organizations, and the techniques to foster leadership and communication skills. The organizational culture and communication needs of a project are examined and the impact they have. A variety of current leadership models and tools relevant to project managers will be learned.

Who should attend

Individuals who will benefit from this course include:

  • New and experienced Project Managers
  • Team Leaders and individuals who want to increase their leadership understanding and ability
  • Managers and Supervisors

What you will achieve

  • Understanding the leadership and management needs of projects
  • The ability to analyze the culture and how it impacts projects, and what can be done
  • Awareness of leadership communication styles, impacts and preferences on projects teams
  • Deeper understanding of some current leadership models
  • The start of a personal leadership action plan

What you will learn

  • To define what leadership is and what is required on a project
  • How to analyze leadership and its impact on projects
  • Your personal leadership style and how to make it work on projects
  • To use the definition of communication to understand different styles and encodings
  • A tool that identifies organizational culture and how to use it effectively
  • To highlight the importance of project sponsors and their communication needs
  • To identify leadership and communication qualities and skills of an effective project manager
Day One

Module 1: Leaders and Leadership

  • Definitions and Traits of Leaders
  • The three components of Leadership
  • Project Leadership Models

Module 2: Leaders and Communication

  • Communication Model
  • Encoding, Feedback, and Virtual Communication

Module 3: Organization Culture

  • What it is and how it impacts projects
  • Two tools to identify the culture
  • Case analysis

Module 4: Leadership Survey

  • Leadership Model Survey
  • Diagnosis of impact to a project
  • Personal Leadership Plan