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Thinking Positive about Risk Management

  • 1 day(s)Duration
  • MDI1427Course Code

Project risk management planning is something that managers of many organizations believe to be important but often fail to actually implement. Implementing a risk management process within an organization or for a specific project is considered by many to be too costly and too time consuming and does not produce the value to justify the effort. Risk is therefore ignored until something unfortunate occurs.

When a risk event occurs the reaction is, in many cases, a series of heroic acts or desperate measures to get the project or the organization back on track. This lack of a risk plan and the risk reaction process is generally very costly, and many of the lessons learned during the recovery are not documented due to the fast pace at which the risk containment team operates.

This course provides a means for developing a strategy that will equip project teams and business managers with tools and techniques to prepare them for a wide variety of potential risks. The goal is to make project teams risk-aware and “contingency prepped.” This is an interactive and hands-on seminar focused on the application of practical tools that can be readily utilized by project teams as well as business managers.

This workshop focuses on the key elements of risk management, why proactive risk management is critical for project success, and how to implement a positive approach to identifying and managing risks. The main focus of the workshop is to provide project leaders with the skills and ability to encourage project team members to view risk management as a positive and important part of project planning. The workshop includes discussion and dialog among participants and introduces techniques for managing risk through hands on exercises, group activities and a unique and highly interactive Project Risk Game. This workshop includes a review of basic risk management terminology as described in the PMBOK® Guide and provides techniques for practical effective risk management on most projects. Included in the workshop is a review of the relationship of disaster recovery and business continuity to risk management and actions and suggested approaches for enhancing existing plans or initiating a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DRBC) effort.

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