Practice Area

Project Management

Contract Management and Procurement for Project Managers

  • Traditional Classroom: 2-day
  • Virtual Instructor-led: Four 3-hour sessions

Effective acquisition of required project goods and/or services are guided by strong requirements gathering and the identification and management of various proposal documents, supplier evaluation criteria, and contract types. This comprehensive two-day course guides participants in the application of the best practices for procurement and contracting.

Interactive group discussions and workshops are used to provide participants with application of the described best practices. Throughout the course, participants will use a case study from their own real-work projects to proceed through numerous interactive exercises.

Target Audience

Individuals who will benefit from this course include project managers, project team leaders/members, project subject matter experts, project management office staff, contract/operations managers, procurement department team members, executives, business sponsors, portfolio managers, program managers, product managers, and anyone interested in learning more about leveraging and applying best-practiced procurement and contracting methodology.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the benefits of a properly planned and managed procurement process.
  • Define your organization’s supply chain process, including primary activities and roles and responsibilities.
  • State the levels of your organization’s delegation of authority.
  • Develop a procurement plan for goods and services.
  • Select the appropriate sourcing option and contract for a procurement need.
  • Properly interpret and apply primary contract terms and conditions.
  • Properly close out a procurement contract.

Course Outline

Module 0: Course Introduction
  • Introductions
  • Exercise: What Will Make This Course of Most Value to Me?
Module 1: Introduction to Contract Management and Procurement for Project Managers
  • Project Procurement Principles
  • Exercise: Procurement Management Best Practices and Opportunities for Improvement
  • Benefits of Procurement Management
  • Contract Definition and Requirements
  • Procurement of Goods and Services
Module 2: Procurement Planning
  • Inputs to Procurement Planning
    • Exercise: Requirements and Scope Definition
  • Project Procurement Plan
    • Exercise: Plus/Delta of Your Procurement Planning Process
  • Selecting Sourcing Option
    • Exercise: Selecting Sourcing Option
  • Selecting Contract Type
    • Exercise: Select a Contract Type
  • Procurement Plan for Specific Good or Service
    • Exercise: Create a Procurement Plan for a Specific Good or Service
Module 3: Contracting
  • Contract Documents
  • Standard Contract Terms and Conditions
    • Exercise: Review of Contract Clauses
  • Contract Communication, Negotiation, and Award
    • Exercise: Solicitation and Selection Process
  • Principles of Contract Interpretation
    • Exercise: Contract Interpretation
  • Using the Contract to Manage the Work
    • Exercise: Contractor Management
  • Site Layout
  • Change Management
    • Exercise: Change Management Evaluation
  • Dispute and Claims Resolution
Module 4: Procurement and Contract Closing
  • Two Types of Termination
  • Closeout Checklist
  • Procurement Audit
  • Procurement Lessons Learned
  • Contract Closing Report
    • Exercise: Contract Closeout Evaluation

MDV1041a Course Code

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