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Project Management

Global Project Leadership Simulation

  • Traditional Classroom: TBD
  • Virtual Instructor-led: TBD

Next to mentored live practice, performance simulations are the most powerful way to equip learners when real change is needed.

The Global Project Leadership (GPL) performance simulation presents the business case for cultural workforce transformation. Its goal is to develop high performance, cross-cultural teams, and greater business success. GPL is a highly interactive and experiential workshop. Developed from 30 years of applied research and continuous innovation, the program is anchored by a complex computer simulation based on a business case with dynamic variations and realistic outcomes. The GPL immersive simulation is designed to confront business issues that are aligned with the overall enterprise key performance indicators: customer retention, cost-effectiveness, talent management, and product and service innovation. This program is designed to challenge participants to become a positive change agent in their workplace. The GLP program asks participants to understand and reflect on the concept of culture and their role in promoting inclusion, thereby building more successful and increasingly effective working relationships within their organization.

Target Audience

Individuals who will benefit from this interactive experience include technical professionals and high-potential managers who manage global work teams and see significant growth opportunities for their organizations. Our simulations are complex and challenging and are principally designed for middle management. The average number of participants is 20-30, though our learning designs can accommodate larger or smaller groups.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn the core skills and knowledge project managers need to achieve their goals of aligning overall enterprise key performance indicators and to develop and enhance the contributions they make to their organization, as well as:

  • Differentiate myths from facts, and learn the business case for valuing and managing differences.
  • Examine the impact of cultural style differences on project teams and business interactions.
  • Experience the strategic importance of seeking collegial and collaborative working relationships with others.
  • Recognize when to focus on a task and when to focus on a relationship for the greater benefit of the project.
  • Develop defensible project plans for global teams.
  • Use PM tools and techniques to effectively plan, track, and control projects.
  • Improve team performance across cultures.
  • Develop a plan of action for becoming a change agent for diversity in your workplace and community.

The Workshop: Our Training Methodology

This simulation is a highly interactive, intensive, and experiential workshop, integrating short classroom lectures, a robust computer simulation of a single project, small- and large-group discussions, and team assessments. This program creates a highly charged, hands-on learning environment, which immerses you in the world of managerial decision-making, as you plan and implement a simulated global project over several days.

The GPL workshop features a powerful multi-project simulation that participants use to plan and then implement in a dynamic environment. The simulation provides the realistic context setting for making tough decisions about project priorities. As they make decisions in the simulated environment, they practice and improve interpersonal and team behaviors, and gain insights into multi-project thinking. Participants learn to think systematically about their project and functional roles, their dependencies, organizational and project complexities, and their responsibilities to achieve business objectives.

MDI6000 Course Code

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