Practice Area

Project Management

Construction Fundamentals

  • Traditional Classroom: 2-day
  • Virtual Instructor-led: Four 3-hour sessions

This course is designed to meet the needs of professionals responsible for working or interfacing in a construction environment. This course provides fundamental tools and techniques that are applicable to most construction projects. The course will utilize a series of construction conditions as examples for discussion and construction knowledge enrichment.

This course uses example and discussion-based methodology that provides:

  • An environment to get an overview of construction approaches, tools, and techniques.
  • A team approach that fosters group interaction and an exchange of ideas and experience.
  • Direct, instructor-led feedback with participation by all participant teams.

Target Audience

Individuals who would benefit from this course include:

  • Experienced project and program managers currently in or expecting to enter a construction project environment.
  • Project team members who will be participating in construction projects.
  • Stakeholders and sponsors who may participate in the review and evaluation of construction performance and compliance.
  • Anyone who is seeking the GSA Lease Certification Program.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain skills and confidence to understand construction terminology and processes.
  • Gain the summary knowledge needed to communicate in a construction organization.
  • Practice with hands-on experience with each step of the course outline below.

Key Takeaways

  • Fundamental knowledge of construction processes and tools.
  • Opportunity to directly apply knowledge to real life examples in a team setting and individually.

Course Outline

Module 1: Construction Project Planning Review
  • Construction Project’s Origin (The Why)
  • Site-Specific Construction Plan
  • Construction Estimate Review
  • Owner/Contractor/Inspector Roles and Responsibilities
  • Construction Project Phases and Checkpoints
  • Lean Construction Opportunities
Module 2: Pre-Construction Reviews
  • Contract Terms and Conditions Review with Contractor(s)
  • Contract and Claim Management Processes
  • Site-Specific Safety Plan
  • Quality Assurance Plan
  • Weather and Outside Impacts on Plan
  • Risk Identification
  • Communication Plan
Module 3: Initial Construction Activities
  • Validation of Site Conditions Report
  • Site Preparation Activities Including Utilities
  • Site Access and Security
  • Lay-Down and Material Storage Area(s)
Module 4: Construction
  • Daily Schedule of Construction Activities
  • Pre-Construction Safety Meeting
  • Requests for Inspection
  • Contract Changes and Nonconformance
  • Contingency and Allowance Review
Module 5: Change Requests
  • Scope/Basis of Estimate Review
  • Labor Hour Tracking and Review
  • Quantity Tracking and Review
  • Escalation and Contingency Allowance
  • Change Request and Claim Approval
Module 6: Monitoring and Control
  • Safety Plan(s) Adherence
  • Project Controls
  • Daily Reporting
  • Construction Meetings
Module 7: Substantial Completion
  • As-Built Management
  • Inspection Checklist Review
  • Punch List Development
  • Allowance and Contingency Review
Module 8: Closing
  • Construction Project Administrative Closure
  • Post Construction Project Review
  • Lessons Learned

MDI1478 Course Code

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