Leading Electric Company

Situational Overview

This premier Electric Company is the world’s pioneering nuclear energy company and a leading supplier of nuclear plant products, services, and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Since 2000, CEG has partnered with this company to develop its global project management population and enhance its capability with a focus on continuous improvement of organizational project excellence. Originally focused on the technical project management skills and practices necessary to deliver very large-scale projects, to adapt to changing business needs and provide the talent development solutions to drive business performance within the company, CEG’s work with the Electric Company has evolved in recent years to provide needed leadership, communications, and management training to broaden the capability of the Electric Company project management community.

CEG provided insight and advice on overall training program.

Client Business Challenge

As the Electric Company maintains operations with in 19 countries, focused on the Americas, EMEA, and Europe and as such, there was a strong requirement to develop consistent project management practices and provide training that promotes alignment with the organizational vision and norms, worldwide. Adding complexity to this challenge, with teams widely dispersed and representing many different national backgrounds, attention to developing communication and interaction skills was an important requirement.

CEG Programs and Description

Over the course of its collaboration with the enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO) at the Electric Company, CEG has adopted an approach designed to address the Electric Company’s unique requirements.

  • Program Design: CEG has provided insight and advice on overall training program design elements to ensure that learning objectives are aligned with capability and performance requirements throughout the project management job family which includes three defined core project management levels.
  • Course Tailoring and Customization: To ensure alignment with internal processes, procedures, and best practices, as well as optimize adoption of newly learned skills, CEG has tailored many courses over the years to map to specific requirements and learning objectives of both the organization and target audience.
  • Content: Training topics that CEG has delivered range from level-setting courses, such as “Principles and Techniques of Project Management” and “Project Management Fundamentals”, to advanced and program level topis, such as “Advanced Project Planning and Control”, “Risk-Focused Approach to Recovering and Managing Troubled Projects”, and “Program Management: Managing in the Complex Multiple Project Environment”. In recent years, in addition to our technical project management focused training, CEG introduced several “soft-skill” courses into the training program designed to enhance communication effectiveness among project managers. These topics have included, “Interaction Skills for Impact and Influence” and “Managing Successful Negotiations.”

CEG’s Solution and Outcomes

CEG adopted a variety of content delivery approaches to effectively reach the Electric Company’s dispersed project management teams. Utilizing a blended learning approach as needed, over the many years, CEG delivered in-person instructor-training to more than a thousand project and program managers in the United States and in other global locations, such as but not limited to Germany, Sweden, and Belgium. In addition, a selection of key topics oriented towards Electric Company’s widely distributed populations were incorporated into the overall program design and delivered virtually. This existing virtual capability allowed CEG, when the global COVID pandemic struck, to seamlessly transition all its training delivery globally without interruption.

“In collaboration with the Electric Company ePMO, CEG has continually monitored the effectiveness of its services, supporting program effectiveness measurement objectives comprised of pre and post course exams and reporting on knowledge acquisition trends across selected training areas. Additionally, CEG has served in an advisory capacity to support internal measurement goals over the years in identifying application trends and business impact. ”

Over the years, CEG has advised on internal measurement goals, identifying application trends and business impact.

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