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Project Management Maturing Oversight Program

  • 24 Hour Duration
  • MDV1485a Course Code
  • Virtual Instructor-led Delivery Method

Course description

This program has been designed to help develop and enhance the skill set and mindset of experienced project managers who are ready to move into the oversight level.

The primary focus is leadership that is centered on a basis of trust; thinking, and acting strategically; engaging in critical thinking; and using effective communication to foster innovation and facilitate organizational change, risk management, proactive planning and root cause analysis.

This program is highly collaborative with a goal to enhance reflection, communication and collaboration across project management staff, and will cover topics such as the oversight role, coaching, process reviews and interpersonal skills.

Program Design

A blended learning approach has been used to design the program, providing the participants with an opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills learned to advance current initiatives, and receive feedback as part of this process.

A DiSC behavioral assessment tool is used at the beginning of the program, prior to the kickoff session. This will provide valuable insight which will form a basis for individual development as well as a shared language to discuss and analyze leadership interactions when communicating with team members, peers, and senior management.

The program is designed to be spread over a 10-week period composed of virtual classroom and self-paced on-demand content. The program ends on weeks 9 and 10 with a "capstone," which is two half-day virtual sessions that will in part involve each participant making a brief business presentation on key learning gained throughout the program, together with goals achieved that have advanced organizational projects or initiatives.

Target Audience

This course is designed for individuals in project leadership and oversight roles.

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