Developing Leaders Learning Journey: Open Enrollment (Virtual)

  • MDV2012Course Code

The Developing Leaders Learning Journey is carefully designed to equip leaders with the skills to navigate both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties. Through multiple formal and informal learning opportunities, the leadership cohort will work collaboratively to tackle real business problems head-on; apply best practices in leading change and driving execution; and enhance foundational skills of communication, decision making, and building trust. Beginning with a 360 assessment, this learning journey will lead participants toward increased self-awareness, mental agility, and interpersonal effectiveness, while enhancing their ability to achieve sustainable business results.

Who should attend

Developing Leaders Learning Journey is designed for leaders of leaders and mid-level managers, this program builds key interpersonal and strategic skills, equipping leaders to better navigate both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties.

Program Components

  • Pre-Program Assessment
  • Before the program start, participants will take the OPTM 360 assessment. This assessment tool is designed to help identify certain behaviors that can be changed or improved to optimize your professional success.
  • Virtual Sessions
  • There are six instructor-led, virtual learning sessions that explore various dimensions of leadership. The first session is four hours in duration and the remaining sessions are three hours in duration.
  • Bridge Learning
  • “Bridge” learning assignments are self-paced assignments that provide participants with the opportunity to extend or deepen their learning. Bridge assignments are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and include videos, podcasts, articles, white papers, and application challenges.
  • Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session
  • Participants meet individually with a CEG facilitator to receive targeted feedback and finalize their action plans to successfully “launch” into the next phase of their careers.

What you will achieve

  • Pre-Program Assessment (30 minutes)
  • Six Virtual Learning Sessions (19 learning hours in total)
  • Three Self-Paced “Bridge” Learning Assignments (1 hour in total)
  • One Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session (30 minutes)

Program Topics and Activities

OPTM 360 Assessment (30 min)
Learning Session 1: The X Factor: Honing and Owning Your Leadership Style (4 h)
  • OPTM 360 review
  • Key strengths and development priorities
  • Personal leadership map
  • Crafting and communicating a vision
  • Building alignment
  • Championing execution
Bridge Learning Assignment (Self-paced – 30 min)
Learning Session 2: Communicating with Intention and Impact (3 h)
  • Attunement and presence
  • Active listening in a virtual environment
  • Tailoring and targeting your message
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Clarifying intention
  • Communicating “up”
Learning Session 3: Enhancing Team Culture and Performance (3 h)
  • The bedrock of trust
  • Team culture: core values and guiding principles
  • Co-creating a team charter
  • Psychological safety and candid conversations
  • Empowering and developing your team
  • Engaged feedback
Bridge Learning Assignment (Self-paced – 30 min)
Learning Session 4: Managing and Leading Change (3 h)
  • Global best practices in change management
  • Fostering change agility
  • Unpacking resistance
  • Accountability and ownership
  • Building personal and team resilience
  • Continuous learning
Learning Session 5: The ABCs of Decision Making (3 h)
  • ABC decisions: agile, balanced, contextual
  • Making decisions in a VUCA environment
  • Cognitive bias — thinking, fast and slow
  • DM models and techniques
  • Types of group decisions
  • Inclusive decision making
Bridge Learning Assignment (Self-paced – 30 min)
Learning Session 5: Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving (3 h)
  • The connection between critical and creative thinking
  • Defining the right problem
  • Root cause analysis
  • Generating alternatives
  • Catalytic questioning and the path to innovation
  • Implementing solutions
Individual 1-1 Coaching “Launch” Session (30 min sessions)
  • (30 min session to be scheduled within 45 days of the last learning session)