Sales Negotiation Skills

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Course description

Negotiation skills are crucial for professionals in today's business environment. People tend to make several common mistakes when they negotiate. They often give away too much too soon and underestimate their power. They don't plan effectively. This workshop focuses on these problems and the practical skills and techniques necessary to achieve win-win agreements.

Who should attend

This program is well suited for business professionals who have to negotiate — either internally to resolve conflict between colleagues, departments, or functions, or externally with vendors and other organizations. Managers, salespeople, procurement, legal departments, and internal consultants are examples of the diverse audience that can benefit from this workshop.

What you will achieve

  • Understand when it is appropriate to use a win-win strategy and when you may wish to use a different approach.
  • Plan wants, needs, walkaway points, currencies, and concessions, including a planning form to help prepare for contract negotiations.
  • Learn how to adjust your negotiating style for different people and situations.
  • Improve your ability to use a variety of tactics and how to respond effectively to adversarial tactics.
  • Learn how to select specific tactics that are consistent with your negotiation objectives.

Pre-Course Work

Pre-Session Assignments
  • Each participant selects a real-life negotiation situation and completes a custom profile handout in preparation for a short role-play exercise during the workshop.

Course Outline

Module 1: Negotiation Overview and Process
  • Three Negotiating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Four Techniques for Setting Yourself Apart
  • Currencies of Exchange
  • Exercise: Currencies of Exchange Brainstorm List
  • Concessions Guidelines
  • Negotiation Planning Worksheet
  • Negotiation Strategy Matrix
Module 2: Using the Win-Win Negotiation Strategy
  • Definition of Win-Win Negotiation
  • Four Possible Outcomes of Negotiation
  • Adversarial Tactics — Three Categories
    • Deliberate Deception
    • Psychological Warfare
    • Positional Pressure Tactics
  • Exercise: The Parking Space