Communicating with Clarity and Impact

  • 1-day session Duration
  • MDI1371a Course Code

Course description

Communication is a foundation skill that impacts an individual's success in both business and life. The way we communicate with others informs higher-level capabilities like influencing, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and leadership. In this highly interactive course we will use the Everything DiSC® framework as a lens to explore and understand communication needs, styles, and preferences.

Before the workshop, participants will take the Everything DiSC® Assessment and receive a 20-page personalized profile. They will bring this profile to class and will explore it to identify their own communication strengths and challenges. Using a video case study, participants will reflect on the skills involved in increasing their effectiveness with other styles. They will also practice techniques to assist them in tailoring their message to meet the needs of their audience.

This course involves individual reflection, collaborative work in pairs and small groups, as well as role-play.

Who should attend

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become more effective in the way they communicate and connect with others.

Course Objectives

  • Infer how their personality impacts their communication preferences.
  • Identify individual priorities, motivators, and stressors with regard to communication.
  • Determine how communication styles and combinations impact work with others.
  • Utilize specific strategies to enhance communication effectiveness with styles different from their own.
  • Leverage knowledge of DiSCĀ® style differences to depersonalize conflict.

Pre-Course Work

  • We will debrief the assessments during class.
Course Outline
Opening Activities
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Course Goal and Objectives
  • Class Spectrogram Activity
Module 1: Debriefing the Assessment
  • Communication as a Foundation Skill
  • How You See Yourself
  • Cornerstone Principles of DiSC
  • Exploring Your Style
    • Your Style Overview
    • Level of Inclination Toward Your Style
    • Your Priorities, Motivators, And Stressors
    • Style Groups: "A Day in the Life"
Module 2: Understanding Other Styles
  • Video: "Galaxy Project Part 1"
  • Identifying Other Styles
  • Video: "Galaxy Project Part 2"
  • What Stresses Other Styles?
  • Video: "Galaxy Project Part 3"
  • How Other Styles React to Conflict
Module 3: Building Stronger Relationships
  • Applying DiSC to interactions
    • Video and Activity: Working with a "D" Style
    • Video and Activity: Working with an "i" Style
    • Video and Activity: Working with an "S" Style
    • Video and Activity: Working with a "C" Style
  • "Reading" Other People's Styles
  • Role-Play and Practice
Summary and Next Steps
  • Key Concept Review
  • Creating Your Personal Action Plan