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Develop a Growth Mindset Through Resilience and Grit

  • 1-day sessionsDuration
  • MDV1476Course Code

The body of research connecting a growth mindset and personal resilience to a spectrum of positive life outcomes is growing every day. After being introduced to some of the fundamental ideas of key theorists in the field (Dweck, Duckworth, Frankl, Garmezy), you'll be guided through an experiential learning journey that integrates personal reflection with application activities.

During this session, you’ll take self-assessments on both resilience and grit, and you'll create a personal resilience map, pinpointing signature strengths to help you through times of adversity. Techniques for identifying your unique "thinking traps" and limiting beliefs will be explored, and you’ll experiment with perspective shifting and reframing constricting personal narratives. As a class, we will explore how, as human beings, our thoughts create our beliefs, which in turn inform how we experience the world. Collaborative and interactive, this workshop was designed to shed new light on challenges and hidden choices, equipping you with a renewed sense of empowerment and possibility.

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