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Maximize Productivity: Manage Your Time, Maintain Focus, and Set Priorities

  • 1 day Duration
  • MDP2028Course Code

Do you drive your day, or does it drive you? Are you continually fighting fires and responding to other people's emergencies without having time to do what you value most? In today's world of continuous partial attention, owning your time and following through on your own priorities can seem impossible at times.

Interweaving research from neuroscience, psychology, and biology with hands-on practice, this course is highly interactive. You'll get the opportunity to: analyze how you currently spend – and waste – time; define your governing values and set goals aligned with them; and prioritize your time and energy in order to maximize your productivity. Working individually and collaboratively, you'll experiment with techniques ranging from tactical to strategic that will put you back in the driver's seat of your workday… and your life.

Who should attend

This course is targeted toward anyone who has ever struggled with setting goals, managing time, or maintaining focus and productivity at work.

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