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Building Inclusion — Rebalancing for Bias

  • 1 day(s)Duration
  • MDI2035Course Code

Be the place where the best and the brightest are valued and want to work. Bring out the best in all people, regardless of their differences. An inclusive culture is a competitive edge in productivity, innovation, worker retention, and recruitment. All people, including great thinkers, make decisions skewed by unconscious bias. Our brains are wired to prefer that which is similar, comfortable and that we’ve been socialized to see as more valuable. Fear dampens intelligence, and tends to short-circuit creativity as well as a team’s ability to radically innovate. In short, biases can be treason to reason. Learn to counterbalance these biases so you can think more logically, and be part of what brings out the best in others

This is especially important now, as humanity is going through many social changes very quickly. Social “rules” seem to be changing faster than we can keep up. It’s easy to blame each other for having different viewpoints. However, research shows that positive exposure to other groups is what helps make “them” into part of “us”. We’ll take this compassionate approach to all parties in your organization. So, we create a space in which the old timers wondering why they can’t say certain things any more, and the young, hip progressives can learn together how to compassionately communicate in that create calm curiosity and wonder.

Why go to the effort to evolve our cultures? Research also demonstrates that valuing diversity in thought, experience, gender, and other dimensions in an inclusive work environment consistently creates a higher level of innovation, productivity, and financial reward. This is true particularly when diverse teams are managed well.

This course is highly participatory and experiential. Participants leave with valuable data and facts, tools, tips, techniques, and experience that will enhance their understanding of key concepts involving diversity and inclusion in the 21st century and support their ability to deal with complexity and change.

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