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Discovering Unconscious Bias

  • 1 day(s)Duration
  • MDI2009aCourse Code

Unconscious bias cannot be completely eliminated, but through an awareness of it and its manifestations, individuals and organizations can change behaviors and modify systems and processes that reinforce and reflect unconscious bias. Effective unconscious bias training will help participants examine how they make decisions, explore how bias shows up in human behavior and especially the workplace, and learn strategies for mitigating. The most effective unconscious bias training will reflect on the types of biases that participants may encounter day to day through recruiting and hiring, team dynamics, team conversations, and career development.

This is a highly interactive workshop. Much of the learning in this program will come from participants’ cross-table conversation, including their questions, examples, or challenges. Post-delivery, managers and other leaders should be equipped to facilitate related conversations, designed to help reinforce what unconscious bias training participants have learned, and to guide the creation of shared operating norms that can help reduce unconscious bias in their organization.

Unconscious bias training by itself is rarely effective in reducing systemic unconscious bias. Instead, the sponsoring organization needs to complement training with additional diversity initiatives in areas such as recruiting, screening, hiring, mentoring, career development and professional growth.

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