Business Relationship Management Professional Certification (Virtual)

Course description

This program covers the key competencies needed to successfully fulfill the function of a Business Relationship Manager (BRM). Based on the methodologies presented in the Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge, it is designed to provide participants with not only an understanding of concepts, but a framework of solid foundational-level skills relevant to the day-to-day realities of a BRM and prepare you to sit for the BRMP® exam.

The program is based on research supported by the Business Relationship Management Institute® (BRM Institute®).

Who should attend

The target audience is project managers, business analysts, managers and directors within the Information Technology, Human Resource, Finance, Product Development, Customer Service, etc., functional areas who operate within a role of connecting relationships to results within an organization.

What you will achieve

The candidate should understand the key principles, techniques, tools, and processes central to the BRM capability and role. Upon completion of this course, candidates will be able to demonstrate their understanding of:

  • What business relationship management is and the value it provides to an organization.
  • The need for an organization to move beyond traditional goals of profit and products to encompass goals appropriate for a relationship-centered organization.
  • The importance of integrating business relationship management into every element of the organization.
  • The importance of educating the organization that a mature BRM capability will evolve culture, build partnerships, drive value, and satisfy purpose.
  • The basic knowledge, skills, and mindsets of the business relationship management role.
  • The core business relationship management approaches, tools, and templates used to achieve results.
  • The value and impact the BRM capability has on an organization by completing a draft of the BRM Capability Workbook.
Pre-Course Work
  • Before the course participants will be sent a document to fill out and bring to class that also contains information and an overview of the program.
Course Outline
Module 0: Course Introduction
  • Introductions, Expectations, Ground Rules
  • Learning Objectives and Agenda
  • The BRMP Certification Exam and BRM Qualification Scheme
  • About the BRM Institute
Module 1: BRM Introduction — The Bigger Picture
  • Terminology Sync-Up
  • Why BRM? Why Now?
  • Relationship Centered Organization
  • Theory of Relationshipism
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • BRM Defined
    • BRM Capability
    • BRM Discipline
    • BRM Role
  • Job Title Variants
  • BRM Competency Model
  • Activity Domains
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Preparation
Module 2a: BRM Capability
  • BRM Capability Framework
  • Organization Purpose, Strategy, Factors
  • Core Values
  • Now to New
  • Evolve Culture
  • Build Partnerships
  • Drive Value
  • Satisfy Purpose
  • Limitless Growth and Improvement
  • Workbooks
    • BRM Capability Workbook
    • BRM Capability Impact Report Workbook
  • Strategic Relationship Plan
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Preparation
Module 2b: Evolve Culture
  • Framework and Competency Model
  • Purposeful Narrative
  • Storytelling
  • Language Matters
  • Desired Behaviors
  • Shared Ownership
  • Leadership-as-Practice
  • Influential Relationships
  • High Influence
  • Relationship Network
  • Personal Growth and Growth Mindset
  • Show What You Know
Module 2c: Build Partnerships
  • Framework and Model
  • Relationship Quality Diagnosis
  • Partnering Mindsets
  • Relationship Discovery
  • Relationship Nurturing
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Preparation
Module 2d: Drive Value
  • What Is Value? Types and Sources of Value
  • Drive Value Framework
  • Value Discovery
  • Idea Documentation
  • Value Plan
  • Value Realization
  • Value Results
  • Value Optimization
  • Show What You Know
Module 2e: Satisfy Purpose
  • Satisfy Purpose Framework and Model
  • Through the BRM Capability
  • Through the Triple Bottom Line
  • Social Value
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Preparation
Module 2f: BRM Capability Wrap-Up
  • Business Relationship Management Capability Framework
  • Business Relationship Management Sub-Capability Frameworks
Module 3: BRM Role
  • Business Relationship managers
  • Role Clarity
  • Undesirable Roles
  • Single Point of Focus
  • BRM Code of Ethics
  • BRM Role Competency Model
  • BRM Mindset
  • Scope of BRM Role
  • BRMs and Organizational Factors
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Preparation
Module 4: BRM Team
  • BRM Team Purpose, Mission, and Vision
  • Assessing the Value of a BRM Team
  • Organizing Your BRM Team
  • Leading a BRM Team
  • BRM and Partner Transition Plan
  • BRM Community of Practice
  • Show What You Know
  • Exam Practice
Module 5a: BRM Key Learnings
Module 5b: BRM Course Wrap-Up
  • Summary
  • 30/60/90/365 Action Plan
  • BRM Qualification Scheme
  • BRMP Learning Objectives
  • Course Feedback
Post-Course Work
Certification Requirements

The Business Relationship Management Professional® exam is a 40-minute "closed book" exam with 50 multiple-choice questions. Participants must achieve a score of 25 out of 50 (50%) in order to pass the exam. Participants should plan on allocating study time outside of the classroom session.

The exam is administered online through ProctorU, and participants have 45 days after the completion of the course to sit the exam. Specific details on the exam will be provided prior to the start of your class.

If you have special needs and feel you are unable to sit for a 40-minute exam, please contact us upon receipt of your confirmation email to discuss options to accommodate your needs. Also, should you require special class setups due to physical inabilities, such as vision loss or hearing loss, please contact us to discuss how we can meet your special needs.