Business Relationship Management Executive Briefing

  • 1/2 day session (3.5 hrs.) Duration
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Course description

This executive briefing will help leaders recognize what Business Relationship Management (BRM) is and the value it will offer to their organizations. Executives will gain a deeper understanding of how an organizational BRM capability can build closer relationships with key stakeholders, increase alignment of project and program activities to strategic goals, increase collaborative and innovative capability, and ultimately accelerate value-delivery to the business. The role of executives and senior leaders in governing, guiding, and engaging their organization in growing this key strategic capability will be a significant outcome.

Who should attend

Individuals who will benefit from this course include executives, senior business leaders, senior BRMs, and other executive stakeholders with roles and interest in value for the business.

What you will achieve

Specific topics will be tailored in a pre-planning call with key client stakeholders to ensure executive briefing goals are met. A selection of typical course objectives are included below.

  • Provide an overview of the tenets of Business Relationship Management so that participants recognize the value it will bring to their organization.
  • Define the role of executives in maximizing value derived from an organizational BRM capability.
  • Describe the benefits associated with developing and growing a defined strategic partnering role.
  • Review the relationship between BRM, Portfolio Management, Process Management, and Business Analysis in achieving strategic success.

What you will learn

Course Outline
  • How Business Relationship Management Capability Converges Strategy with Execution to Accelerate Value Delivery for the Organization
  • Core Disciplines and Pillars of BRM Capability
  • Role of Executives in Optimizing BRM Capability Investments
    • Strategic Partnering
    • Governance
    • Sponsorship
  • Change Leadership and Business Transition Management
  • Vision for the Future