Create High-Performing Teams with the Agile 3Cs: Communication, Collaboration, and Coaching

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Course description

This comprehensive one-day course guides participants on how to maximize agile team performance in complex, innovative project environments.

Who should attend

Individuals who will benefit from this course include executives, business sponsors, portfolio managers, program managers, product managers, project managers, project team leaders, project team members, project subject matter experts, project management office staff, and anyone interested in learning more about leveraging best-practiced agile communication, cooperation, and coaching techniques.

What you will achieve

  • Describe communication and cooperation concepts in agile.
  • Define the best-practiced visual controls used in agile.
  • Develop agile coaching roles and techniques.

What you will learn

Course Outline
Module 1: Agile Communication
  • Agile Communication Values and Principles
  • Communication Models and Channels
  • Osmotic Communication
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Active Listening
  • Exercise: Individual Self-Assessment Active Listening
Module 2: Agile Collaboration
  • Agile Collaboration Values and Principles
  • Agile Practices and Roles
  • Agile Meetings and Information
  • Team Velocity and Capacity
  • Information Radiators
  • Exercise: Group Workshop on Interpreting Information Radiators
Module 3: Agile Coaching
  • Agile Coaching Values and Principles
  • Agile Coach/Mentor
  • Agile Teacher
  • Agile Facilitator
  • Agile Motivator
  • Agile Provoker
  • Agile Problem Solver
  • Agile Collaboration Conductor
  • High Performance (Agile Teams)
  • Agile Conflict Navigator
  • Exercise: Individual Exercise on Assessing Team Performance