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Scrum Team Kickoff Workshop

  • 2 day(s)Duration
  • MDI869Course Code

The Scrum Team Kickoff Workshop is a hands-on, interactive workshop designed for one or more teams to begin, or re-orient, their journey with Scrum. It is scalable from a single team to over 10 teams and allows for each to learn and experience Scrum by doing Scrum in a safe, collaborative, and fun setting. The workshop itself leverages Scrum to organize and focus learning, and teams work through an entire Scrum framework in building a product and focusing toward their goals.

The Scrum Team Kickoff Workshop is designed as a two-day format. Day 1 is focused on learning and experiencing the principles and practices of Scrum in a classroom setting. Day 2 is focused on applying their learning to develop their quarterly roadmap, release plan, product backlog, team working agreements, and initial Sprint plan. Following this two-day workshop, teams have everything they need to get started with Scrum.

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