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Action Planning

Healthy, vital corporations are facile problem solvers, sizing up situations and applying tactics in real time. CEG training supports this performance-focused corporate culture through rigorous reinforcement of skills and applications where the real value of the training acquired is realized.

At the end of each course, every participant is walked through an action-planning exercise in which they demonstrate how they will apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the course. CEG uses industry-specific situations and real-world goals in structuring these course action plans in order to best match the participants’ training to their job challenges. Our thorough and thoughtful coverage of action planning means your employees are ready to hit the ground running once training has been completed.

Typical action plans for CEG’s course participants include the following elements:

  • Goals
  • Improvement strategies
  • Tasks/actions steps to reach the goal
  • Support/resources needed to achieve the goal
  • Timeline for achieving the goal
  • Implications for professional development
  • Evidence of success that the participant is making progress toward reaching the goal
  • Evaluation process to determine when the goal has been reached

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