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Corporate Coaching Solutions

Corporate Coaching enables business professionals to define and exceed performance improvement objectives and stimulate personal career growth. For organizations that provide corporate training to employees and teams, integrating coaching into the training mix can help put newly learned skills into practice and reinforce learning through real-world application. The three most common reasons to engage in corporate coaching and mentoring include:

  • Leadership development
  • Solving a specific problem or challenge
  • Support for a successful career transition or promotion

CEG’s Corporate Coaching Solutions are designed with three core characteristics:

Flexibility: Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all strategy. Some coaching candidates need multiple, rapid-succession, 15-minute coaching sessions; others will benefit from fewer, but longer sessions spread out over time.

Personalization: We map to the Candidate's strengths and weaknesses and continuously refine and reassess throughout the program. We also mix coaching with mentoring — providing expert advice, when appropriate.

Collaboration: Every coaching engagement begins with agreement on goals and objectives between all stakeholders: usually the coaching candidate, a sponsor and Human Resources. Our Corporate Coaching Solutions include regular updates and ongoing feedback from stakeholders.

All of our Corporate Coaching Solutions are custom-built with varying assessment levels, communication modes, time to completion and session length. Download our Corporate Coaching Solutions brochure to learn how we can help develop stand out leaders that have a direct impact on an organization’s strategic business objectives.

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