Innovative Leadership

During this session of the Strategic Leaders Certificate Program, candidates will learn how to harness the power of innovative leadership, which combines multiple management styles within an organization to encourage employees to produce creative ideas, products, services and solutions.

You will learn to:

  • Use innovative leadership as a tool for problem solving and product advancement.
  • Increase the effectiveness of problem solving.
  • Drive employee ownership and job satisfaction.
  • Enhance the business' product and/or service offerings.
  • Inspire your employees to work harder.
  • Use entrepreneurial thinking to your advantage.

Pre-Session Assignments

  • Assignment 1 – Article: "How Big Data and the Industrial Internet Can Help Southwest Save $100 Million on Fuel"
  • Assignment 2 – Article: "The Innovator's DNA" – Harvard Business Review
  • Assignment 3 – Podcast: Can Israel's Water Be a Model for a Thirsty World?

Estimated Time Commitment: 1 hour

Session Outline

Module 1: Innovating with Data and Technology

  • Data
  • Case Study: Kroger
  • Case Study: Southwest Airlines
  • Exercise: Questions to Be Answered

Module 2: Empowerment Through Voice and Invention

  • How Technology has Changed the Way Today's Workforce Thinks
  • Discussion: Empowerment – Voice/Influence/Actions
  • Exercise: New Approaches to Old Tasks

Module 3: Leading an Evolving, Empowered Workforce

  • Demographics
  • How Are You Preparing to Lead Given Changing Demographics?
  • Exercise: Leading an Evolving Workforce

Module 4: Innovation in Practice and Failing Forward

  • Innovation at Corning, Inc.
  • PepsiCo’s Performance with Purpose
  • Innovation at Under Armour
  • Exercise: Failing Forward
  • How to Drive Innovative Thinking

Post-Session Assignments

  • Group Coaching Session
  • Practice Skills and Preparation: Interim Work and Action Planning

Estimated Time Commitment: 1.5 hours