Driving Culture and Accountability

This last session in the Strategic Leaders Certificate Program prepares candidates to drive results by aligning company culture with the organization's goals. As a leader, you will gain the ability to recognize what type of company culture will increase employee retention, while at the same time delivering positive outcomes for the business.

You will learn to:

  • Successfully shift company culture to fuel the results you seek.
  • Build the type of culture that matters most to your employees.
  • Use specific skills and tactics in order to lead effectively during times of change.

Pre-Session Assignments

  • Assignment 1 – Harvard Business Review Strategy Blog – "The First Two Steps Toward Breaking Down Silos"

Estimated Time Commitment: 1 hour

Session Outline

Module 1: Getting Clear on Your Culture

  • Defining Your Culture
  • The Trust Equation
  • Why Trust and Accountability Matter
  • Exercise: Identifying Accountability
  • Impact on Your Organization

Module 2: Creating a Culture of Candor and Commitment

  • Discussion: What Do Candid Leaders Do?
  • Creating a Culture of High Candor
  • Qualities of Leaders Committed to an Accountable Culture
  • Accountability and Blaming Characteristics
  • Exercise: Accountability – Above and Below the Lines
  • Exercise: Accountability Gut Check
  • Organizational Team Candor Assessment

Module 3: Define Your Culture…Drive the Shift

  • Goals and Expectations
  • Six Strategies to Create a Culture of Accountability
  • Exercise: Applying the Six Strategies

Post-Session Assignments

  • Group Coaching Session
  • Practice Skills and Preparation: Interim Work and Action Planning

Estimated Time Commitment: 1.5 hours