Session One: Defining the Leader in You

During this kick-off training session, Emerging Leader Candidates will experience a blend of traditional classroom training, team application exercises, online research and potential investigative exercises to define and enhance their inner leader. This session focuses on building a strong foundation of leadership skills that will enable you to achieve your personal development and professional objectives.

You will learn to:

  • plan and organize with efficiency;
  • drive results from yourself, your direct reports and your peers;
  • remaining flexible and adaptable;
  • assume accountability for your actions;
  • communicate with impact; and
  • influence rather than command.

Key take away: The ability to continuously evolve yourself and others as business dynamics change around you.

Session Modules

Module 1: What is Leadership?

  • Roles of the leader
  • Expectations
  • Key skills and knowledge

Module 2: Understanding and Using Your Leadership Style

  • DiSC® styles
  • Flexing your style
  • Potential pitfalls

Module 3: Leader as Communicator

  • Communication models
  • Key skills
  • Communication challenges

Module 4: Getting Work Done Through Others

  • Situational leadership
  • Delegation

Module 5: Accountability and Trust

  • Holding yourself and others accountable
  • Building and sustaining trust

Pre-Session Assignments

  • Complete a 360 assessment and a personality assessment
  • Read articles, summaries and/or case studies
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Meet with your manager to identify and align expectations

Estimated Time Commitment: 2 – 4 hours

Post-Session Action Planning and Instructor-Facilitated Coaching Session

  • Meet with manager to review what was learned in the session and your action plan
  • Group Coaching Forum #1

Estimated Time Commitment: 2 hours