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CEG's Training Grant Services

CEG-training-grant-six-step-processCEG's six-step process working with clients seeking training grant funds starts with evaluating their eligibility for training grant programs and continues through implementing and closing a successful training and development program:

  1. Define: Through a preliminary consultation, CEG experienced staff will work collaboratively with our clients to elicit the business case in support of training grant eligibility requirements. Key information to discuss will include current state of the business, industry, population base by locale, and core functions/capabilities already defined within the organization.
  2. Analyze: Upon successful determination of eligibility for training grant programs, CEG will guide and direct an analysis phase to further define the business case and core functions and capabilities within the organization that will drive performance and achievement of the business goals.
  3. Design: Following the analysis phase, CEG will design a talent development program targeting strategic development of core functions and capabilities to optimize outcomes.
  4. Apply: CEG grant writers will consolidate above information into the grant application format to highlight a clear pathway between the talent development program and business outcomes, including key measures that will be tracked and reported (in collaboration with CEG clients) in support of the business case.
  5. Deploy: Upon successful award, a deployment schedule for the training and development program will be established, executed, and controlled through completion.
  6. Close: Working collaboratively with our clients, all aspects of the program will be closed out including requirements related to both the grant program as well as internal capability gains being reinforced within the organization.

CEG's team of experienced consultants and relationship managers will be your partner and advisor throughout the grant lifecycle. These services are all included as part of the overall CEG solution on condition that CEG is performing all services awarded via the grant program. For more information and to schedule a meeting to discuss your organizations’ eligibility and plans contact us by email or call 978.649.8200 and ask to speak with a Training Grant Advisor.