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The Challenge:

As UPS dove into the process of implementing initiatives for cost savings and improved service, they quickly recognized that more advances would be possible with a world-class learning and development program that reinforced UPS requirements.

CEG Project Management Solution:

CEG worked with UPS to design and develop a customized project management certificate program from the ground up and to deliver the program to their associates. In partnership with the internal project management team, it was determined that it was important for the audience to understand most of the Project Management Institute (PMI)® knowledge areas and be able to incorporate this knowledge with how they already conduct projects. Together with the organization, we identified existing tools and developed organization-specific case studies as an important component of the program.

CEG customized the project management curriculum to incorporate the necessary elements and establish a certification process for participants. We worked with UPS to provide:

  • New criteria to select candidates working on high-priority company projects
  • A rigorous and customized project management program that integrated UPS-specific practices, tools, and examples into course lectures and materials
  • Evaluation tools for before, during, and after the training program
  • Measurement criteria of the training program's impact on the company's million-dollar projects


  • To date, CEG has trained over 1000 individuals
  • The trainees consist of project managers in Business, IT, Finance/Administration, Customer Solutions, and other departments that handle large projects (over one million dollars) that are aligned to UPS' critical initiatives
  • UPS managers reported improved teamwork and project planning as well as better work quality and productivity following the training program