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The Challenge:

As the company was in the process of implementing initiatives for cost savings and improved service, they quickly recognized that more advances would be possible with a world-class learning and development program that reinforced UPS requirements.

CEG Project Management Solution:

  • New criteria to select candidates working on high-priority company projects
  • A rigorous and customized project management program that integrated UPS-specific practices, tools, and examples into course lectures and materials
  • Evaluation tools for before, during, and after the training program
  • Measurement criteria of the training program’s impact on the company’s million dollar projects


  • To date, we have trained over 200 individuals
  • The trainees were project managers in Business, IT, Finance/Administration, Customer Solutions, and other departments who handled large projects (over 1 million dollars) that were aligned to UPS’ critical initiatives
  • UPS managers reported improved teamwork and project planning, as well as better work quality and productivity, following the training program