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Keurig Incorporated

The Challenge:

To standardize management styles and language, so that Keurig teams, led by multiple levels of managers, could communicate effectively, work toward common goals and continue to grow the company.

CEG Management and Leadership Solution:

CEG created a customized Management Certificate program for Keurig to address some very specific objectives and develop the following management capabilities:

  • Communications
  • Delegation
  • Transition from Individual Contributor to Manager
  • Conflict Management
  • Negotiation
  • Collaboration
  • Performance Development


  • A strengthened culture where employees felt more valued and were more innovative, forward-thinking, and people-centered
  • Increased employee confidence in handling challenging communications and conflict
  • A shift in managers’ focus to managing with less time spent on day-to-day details
  • Better alignment of performance goals with measurable, attainable outcomes
  • Enhanced skills for new managers in demonstrating authority while earning respect from previous peers

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