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CEG‘s webinars are free informational programs that are available in both live and on-demand formats. During these 1-hour sessions, CEG‘s subject matter experts will bring you up-to-speed on timely themes in project management, business analysis, management, leadership, and business process management.

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May 2016

Courage in Project Management

Date/Time: 5/25 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: MDW1305 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

Are you managing a project team or other project managers who are afraid to stretch beyond their comfort zones? Do your sponsors consider you an influential project manager, one they can trust to ask the difficult questions? Have you experienced the satisfaction of orchestrating an empowered team, one that will challenge the status quo or achieve what felt like the impossible? Have you ever accepted a project assignment completely out of your comfort zone? This webinar is about courage and project management. It’s about the courage to lead when needed, let go when needed, motivate and influence others to excel for you.

Learning objectives:
* Define courage as it relates to project management
* Learn what the experts are saying about courage in the workplace and as project leaders
* Share examples of courageous behavior in projects

About the Presenter: Bonnie Cooper, PMP, trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group, has more than 20 years of experience driving IT solutions and is currently the program portfolio director of the Massachusetts Medical Society's Corporate IT Project Management Office (PMO). In her current role, Bonnie is responsible for coordinating the efforts of project teams, defining a consistent software development methodology, and leading the re-engineering of the member website and services platform. Br>
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June 2016

Strategic Decision Making: Minimize Risk and Think Like a Leader

Date/Time: 6/8 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: MDW1279-15 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

Making business decisions is your most important function as a leader and your riskiest. Your personal brand is made or broken by the quality of your decisions. Are your decisions as solid as they could be?

In this webinar, you will learn how to apply strategic decision-making processes in order to reduce risk and choose the best course of action for the project, team, the organization, and you. You’ll learn the steps necessary in making strategic decisions align with business objectives as well as how to address a range of challenges that every leader encounters. Learning objectives include:
- Distinguish between strategic thinking, planning and decision making and identify when to use each skill appropriately

-Develop insight into your individual decision-making style

-Utilize tools for solving problems and making sound decisions

-Systematically prepare for your most important decisions

- Determine the appropriate level of stakeholder involvement in your decision-making process

About the Presenter: Claudette Rowley, trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group (CEG), has more than 15 years of experience coaching managers and leaders and training teams to improve communication to drive results and strategic organizational change. She excels at training individuals and teams on how to manage conflict and communicate strategically in complex situations such as systemic conflict, business partner and co-leader disputes and disruptions resulting from rapid organizational or cultural changes. Click here to Register.  

The Art of the Interview: How to Improve Your Business Analysis Interviewing Skills

Date/Time: 6/17 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: BAW1320 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

Get more out of your requirements interviews and make better use of time for both you and your stakeholders with some simple, but highly effective techniques that will dramatically improve your interviewing skills. This webinar will provide tips for business analysts on how to better facilitate interviews and elicit solid requirements. The key to this process improvement is making sure you ask the right types of questions by appropriate preparation, sequencing and delivery. Interviewing is the cornerstone of elicitation techniques, and when done properly will reveal the answers you need. You will learn how to:

- Identify the right stakeholders to interview and what you need to know
-Create a requirements questionnaire and prepare to ask the right types of questions
-How to properly engage the stakeholder and build a relationship
- Capture stakeholder responses
- Plan for follow-up and maintain the relationship
- Review lessons learned to improve for your next interview

About the Presenter:
Terrell Smith, MPA, PMP, CBAP, is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group. Terrell comes from both business and technical backgrounds, having worked in corporate and government environments. With over 25 years of experience in a wide range of project management and business analysis assignments, he brings concepts to life in a practical easy to apply manner. Terrell has assisted clients in the development of project management methodologies, risk assessments, quality management, agile methods, problem solving, rescuing troubled projects, implementing business analysis best practices, and team building. He has been facilitating classes/workshops for over 10 years in both the traditional and virtual classrooms.

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July 2016

PMP® Exam Tips and Strategies: Fast Track Your Way to PMP Success!

Date/Time: 7/11 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is one top in-demand certifications. It’s also one of the most challenging certification exams to pass. Informal polls indicate that as many as 40% don’t pass on the first try. If you are a project manager thinking about taking the PMP Exam, this webinar will provide you with test taking strategies, tips and techniques to help you Fast Track Your Way to PMP Success.

You will learn insider tips organized by PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas such as:

- The most important page in the PMBOK® Guide
- Various memory joggers and easy to memorize formulas
- What you need to know to master earned value questions
- Risk management errors to avoid

In addition to test taking tips, you will also walk away armed with a step-by-step process to help you navigate the complex PMP application process and ensure you are ready and qualified to take the test. If you are serious about advancing your career and are ready to earn on average 16% more than your peers, register for this webinar today.
About the Presenter:
Christine Spira is a trainer and consultant for Corporate Education Group (CEG) with extensive experience in project management, change management, leadership and people management, process and product development and meeting facilitation. She has worked with organizations of all sizes from start-ups to large structured environments and in industries including pharmaceutical, consumer products and financial services. Christine specializes in assessing organizational readiness, defining overall change and project organizational structures, developing project and business processes, coaching and facilitating the work of project teams, developing and delivering project management training and integrating systems and tools that enable the organization to reach its goals.

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August 2016

Iterative Projects: Practical Tips and Best Practices for BA's

Date/Time: 8/3 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: BAW1310-15/ Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

Complex projects carry significant risk of failure. Recently, iterative (and agile) project execution methodologies have been developed to mitigate project risks and increase the chances that the final solution meets the stakeholder's expectations and the overall business needs.

In this webinar, you will learn how iterative methods differ from tradition waterfall methods and how specific iterative practices are used to reduce the chances for project failure. Upon completion of this webinar, you will understand how to break a project into iterations, how to pick an iteration length, how to manage iteration and project scope, and how to introduce risk mitigation practices.

- Understand the difference between sequential (waterfall) and iterative methods
- Learn how to define iterations, milestones, and releases
- Increase the chances for project success and reduce risk factors
- Contrast iterative and agile methods
- Understand best practices for iterative (and agile) project execution

About the Presenter:
Dr. Martin Schedlbauer, Ph.D., CBAP, OCUP, is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group. Martin has been leading and authoring seminars and workshops in business analysis, software engineering, and project management for over twenty years. An accomplished business analysis subject matter expert, Martin is a recognized leader in software development practices, a practicing scrum master, experienced software architect, and also serves as an advisor for several industry conferences; additionally, Martin maintains an active research agenda in agile methods, requirements analysis, and human performance modeling.

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Project Management for Everyone: A Non-Technical Approach

Date/Time: 8/15 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: MDW1254-15 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

A project is a temporary endeavor, with a distinct beginning and end that is undertaken to create a unique product or service. Projects are everywhere, regardless of your industry or profession, and an effective project management process can benefit anyone. If you are looking for non-technical tools and techniques to successfully manage your projects and project teams, this webinar is for you. Learning objectives include:

- Greater confidence in defining, planning and managing projects
- Reduced stress and greater sense of control of your multiple projects and daily work load
- Increased effectiveness and efficiencies by using simple, step-by step processes for project management and communications

Who should attend:
Managers, supervisors, and individual contributors who struggle with balancing the complex demands of project work while maintaining their daily workloads.

About the presenter:
Mark Murphy is a senior trainer with Corporate Education Group (CEG). Mark has over 20 years of training and consulting expertise in the areas of time management, interpersonal/leadership skills, and project management. He has traveled the world extensively and lived for several years in both Europe and South America. His experiences abroad have helped him develop a profound understanding and respect for the importance of cultural diversity.

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September 2016

Effective Communication Techniques to Steer and Influence Any Conversation

Date/Time: 9/9 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

Course ID: MDW1285-15 / Duration: 1 Hour / Credits: 1 PDU

Both individual and team success depend upon clear and effective interpersonal communication. Whether face to face or virtual, every interaction with another person influences how you are perceived and provides an opportunity to develop trust and build a positive relationship. Whether presenting one-on-one or in front of an audience of 1,000, conveying information to a project team or delivering a difficult message, communicating effectively is one of the most powerful skills for achieving your objectives.

This webinar will teach you how to focus on your outcome, tune in to your audience, and develop your messages for clarity and impact. Your ability to create an environment for open discussion and ongoing dialogue is crucial for communication success. The communications skills covered can increase your ability to exercise choice and control for every type of conversation, influence without authority, and improve the quality of relationships and productivity.

Learning objectives include:

- A blueprint for designing any important communication
- Six principles to guide your interactions
- Emotional intelligence to manage challenging conversations
- Alignment of the four key components of communication to achieve your outcome

About the presenter:
Crystell Anthony, M.Ed., MBTI®, is a Senior Trainer and Consultant for Corporate Education Group. She is also Principal and Founder of her own consulting company, The Focus Group. Crystell has successfully designed and facilitated training programs in the public and corporate sectors for executive, managerial, and administrative professionals since 1979. Her training programs are known for containing simplified best practices for easy on-the-job applications and have been successfully installed in organizations across the globe.

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