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How project management training can increase your chances of being promoted

Project management skills matter in every industry.

A stalled career can be frustrating and confusing. You feel ready to advance to the next career level, but your supervisor doesn't seem to notice your hard work, skill and team seniority. You need a way to highlight your project management (PM) expertise and ability.

Your boss may suspect you have the talent and skills to tackle a more challenging assignment, but many companies can't afford to risk time and resources on a project manager whose abilities to manage a complex project remain unproven. But, showcase your project management skills by putting the weight of a respected project management training program behind them, and supervisors take notice. Sometimes, they just need a little proof.

Proof of focus and drive

From a supervisor's standpoint, completing a relevant and competitive project management certificate program can highlight the difference between an employee who wants a promotion versus an employee who's earned a promotion. That's because the focus and drive required to complete your project management coursework are not only admirable in and of themselves; they're traits absolutely vital to effective project management.

50 Secrets of the PMP Exam

50 Secrets of the PMP® Exam

Are you thinking about taking the Project Management Professional® (PMP®) Exam and joining the half a million certified PMPs worldwide who earn on average 16 percent more than their non-certified peers?1 Organized by each of the 10 PMI® knowledge areas, this PMP Exam Prep white paper details 50 must-know tips, tricks, and strategies for successfully passing the PMP Exam.

Discover secrets on everything from:
  • The most important pages of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)
  • What you need to know to master earned value questions
  • Risk management errors to avoid
  • Various memory joggers and easy-to-memorize formulas
  • Key terms, confusing terms and terms to avoid
1 Project Management Institute, Project Management Talent Gap Report, March 2013.

Earning a project management certificate tells employers that you're serious about your work and about the success of their company. It shows that you're motivated by the refinement of your skill set and the constant improvement of your abilities, and that they can expect the same focus and drive in your approach to a promoted position. It's crucial for supervisors to see energy and dedication in the PM team member they choose to promote, and nothing proves that more than earning a project management certificate.

Proof of skill depth

Effective project management depends on clear business communications.With a certificate in project management training, employers don't have to wonder whether you have the expertise to effectively manage challenging, complex or nuanced projects — they'll know you do. A good project management certificate program gives depth to your management skills, from overseeing multiple complex projects to strategically aligning your company's project portfolio.

You'll learn the latest in project management approaches and thought leadership, and you'll expand your range of project communication. In tough conversations you can negotiate with finesse and facilitate with control. You'll be trained and certified in the advanced points of project management, and your supervisor will know it. He or she will also know that your approaches are fresh and your skills sharpened, so you're the company's best bet for reinvigorating a stale or slack project management environment. When you strengthen your project management abilities with a training certificate, employers know you're a powerful asset to their team.

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Proof of leadership

A good project management program does more than certify that you have organizational and communication skills; it helps you hone your leadership abilities so you can effectively rally your team and stakeholders behind your project. A certificate in project management proves you've studied and mastered the industry's best practices for aligning key players and leading them with authority and poise, guiding the entire team to a successful project completion. A certificate course will also improve your team building skills, so you're not only leading the charge but are fully supported by a loyal team of committed co-workers. Your supervisor knows that the cooperation of each project team member is vital to the outcome of the project, so equipping yourself with team-building skills through a project management course gives them confidence in your abilities to handle even the most complex and challenging assignment.

Ultimately, your supervisor needs a team leader who can elicit effective communication and a smoother workflow with a diverse team on multifaceted projects. Your PM certificate coursework prepares you for a more challenging level of project management and proves to your employer that you're a capable, effectual leader.

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