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Presenting to Executives

  • ½-day Duration

Presenting to senior executives can be challenging; this audience is extremely busy and must make high-stakes decisions, often with little time to weigh options. To be successful, presenters need to quickly and clearly present information that is important to them, ask for questions, and then be done. From years of presenting to top executives in many fields, the formula that we have found that works best is:

  • Summarize up front.
  • Set expectations.
  • Create summary PowerPoint slides.
  • Answer specific requests directly and quickly.
  • Practice with colleagues who will serve as honest coaches.

This intensive workshop, delivered in two half-day sessions, gives participants the opportunity to develop compelling messages to meet audience needs, enhance individual executive presence, and practice high-impact delivery.

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance executive presence and confidence in delivery.
  • Develop and structure compelling messages.
  • Design PowerPoint and visual aids that enhance your message.
  • Connect with and meet the needs of the audience.
  • Handle challenging questions and behaviors effectively.
  • Receive peer and instructor coaching for ongoing development.

Course Outcomes

  • Verbal and nonverbal delivery skills
  • Key factors for projecting executive presence
  • Quick preparation techniques
  • Templates and tools for structuring compelling messages
  • Strategies and skills to handle questions and maintain audience control
  • Ability to use visual aids that support the message and engage the audience
  • Delivery skills that capture and keep the audience's attention

Pre-Course Work

  • Participants are sent a prework guide to accelerate their learning experience in the classroom. The guide includes quick and practical preparation techniques, encourages participants to focus on a specific presentation that they will be delivering in the near future, and provides resources to access for presentations to senior executives.

Post-Course Work

  • 1:1 virtual coaching session with instructor
  • 1:1 peer in-person coaching
  • Learning circles with peers
  • CEG-recommended online sites for continued advancement (TED talks, blogs, etc.)

Course Outline

Session 1 (4 hours)
Module 1: Introduction
  • Great Presenters — Characteristics and Skills
  • Ten Terrible Turnoffs — What to Watch out For
  • Techniques for Projecting Executive Presence
Module 2: Preparation Keys
  • Crafting a Compelling Message to Engage the Audience Through Storytelling
  • Think "PREP": Point, Reason, Evidence, Point
  • The Drill for Preparation
    • Determine Your Purpose
    • Analyze Your Audience
    • Match Your Message to the Audience
    • Structure Your Content
    • – Open – Body – Close
    • Prepare for Questions/Objections
  • Deicide on and Design Visual Aids That Will Enhance Your Presentation
  • Storyboarding PowerPoint Slides
Module 3: Videotaped Five-Minute Presentations
  • Practicing Verbal/Nonverbal Delivery Skills
  • Recorded Feedback from Peers and Instructor
  • Watch Video-Recorded Presentation
  • Design PowerPoint Slides for Presentation Enhancement for Session Two Exercises
Session 2 (4 hours)
Module 4: Visual Aids
  • Homework Check-in — Self-Feedback from Watching Presentation
  • Utilizing Visuals to Develop Compelling Storylines and Talking Points
Module 5: Connecting with the Audience
  • Partnering with the Key Stakeholders Before the Presentation
  • Dealing with Difficult Questions and Behaviors
  • Respecting the Audience
  • Audience Control
  • Coaching and Practice
Module 6: Videotaped 10-Minute Presentations
  • Practicing Verbal/Nonverbal Delivery Skills
  • Audience Control — Dealing with Questions and Behaviors
  • Recorded Feedback from Instructor and Peers
  • Summary and Next Actions

MDV1070-4 Course Code

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