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Consulting Inside Your Organization

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Course description

People at all levels of the organization are asked to use their knowledge and skills to facilitate change or improvement, yet they may not have direct control over how those changes are implemented. Consulting is the process of recommending actions without having formal authority to put those actions into place. This course explores the consulting process, based primarily on Peter Block’s book, Flawless Consulting. Through minimal lecture, lively discussions, and exercises, participants will learn how to add value to their organization by building productive working relationships with clients.

Who should attend

Those in staff positions or others who need to influence individuals within the organization, but who have no direct authority to implement recommended changes.

What you will achieve

  • A clear understanding of the consultant’s role within the organization
  • An increased awareness of the overall process of consulting
  • The knowledge and skills needed to manage each phase of the consulting assignment
  • Methods to help you remove common roadblocks to consulting
  • The confidence necessary to successfully carry out a consulting assignment
  • An action plan for internal consulting that can be immediately applied back on the job

What you will learn

  • Define the role of the internal consultant: how the internal consultant functions within the organization.
  • Identify the internal consultant’s challenges and opportunities: how to build trust and gain client commitment, how to recognize and overcome roadblocks.
  • Explore each phase of the consulting process: 1) entry and contracting; 2) discovery and dialogue; 3) feedback and the decision to act; 4) engagement and implementation; 5) extension, recycle, or termination.
  • Deal with resistance: understand why people naturally resist change, what forms resistance can take, and how to deal with resistance.
  • Examine the core communication skills necessary to succeed as a consultant: speaking assertively to offer candid feedback, listening actively to uncover client’s concerns, and asking powerful questions to gain a clear understanding of the issues

    • Course Outline

      Day One

      Welcome/Overview (mini-lecture, group discussion)

      • Acclimate participants to the learning environment: introductions, ice-breaker, review course materials, objectives, agenda, housekeeping issues.
      • Engage in the implementation of a change effort using the seminar as the model.

      Consulting Overview (mini-lecture, group discussion, written exercise)

      • Share previous experiences as internal consultants and/or concerns as new consultants.
      • Identify the goals of the consultant: to establish a collaborative relationship, to solve problems so they stay solved, to attend to both the business problem and the relationships.
      • Define the roles of the consultant: expert, pair of hands, collaborator.
      • Definitions and distinctions: Compare the differences between internal and external consulting.
      • Identify the 5 phases of the consulting assignment: 1) entry and contracting; 2) discovery and dialogue; 3) feedback and the decision to act; 4) engagement and implementation; 5) extension, recycle, or termination.
      • Develop a new framework (working in partnership) and a new mindset (asking for what you want).
      • Discuss the internal consultant’s challenges and opportunities.
      • Prepare the Consulting Assignment Worksheet based on participant’s real world consulting situation.

      Communication Skills (group discussion, activity)

      • Identify key interpersonal skills needed for all phases of the consulting assignment: assertive speaking, active listening, asking powerful questions.

      Phase 1 – Entry and Contracting (mini lecture, group discussion, activity

      • Identify the elements of the consulting contract.
      • Identify steps in setting up, navigating, and analyzing the contracting meeting.
      • Discover ways to deal with low motivation and other contracting challenges.

      Understanding and Dealing With Resistance (mini-lecture, written exercise)

      • Identify sources of client resistance.
      • Learn how to recognize and deal with resistance.

      Wrap Up – Day One (group discussion)

      • Key learnings, insights
      • Q&A
      • Homework assignment
      • Preview of Day Two
      Day Two

      Welcome Back (group discussion)

      • Recap of Day One
      • Review homework assignment.
      • Overview of Day Two

      Understanding And Dealing With Resistance, Cont’d. (written exercise, exercise)

      • Role play: Practice navigating the contracting meeting and dealing with resistance.
      • Record insights/actions on the Consulting Assignment Worksheet.

      Phase 2 – Discovery And Dialogue (Data Collection And Diagnosis) (mini-lecture, exercise, simulation)

      • Define the real problem or issue: Distinguish between the presenting problem and how the problem is being managed.
      • Identify the appropriate methods to collect data.
      • Demonstration: how to uncover the layers of analysis.
      • Simulation: conduct the data collection interview.
      • Record insights/actions on the Consulting Assignment Worksheet.

      Phase 3 – Feedback And The Decision To Act (mini-lecture, exercise, simulation)

      • Clarify the problem/issue.
      • Present feedback to the client (effectively manage the feedback meeting).
      • Simulation: conduct the feedback meeting.
      • Record insights/actions on the Consulting Assignment Worksheet.

      Phase 4 – Engagement And Implementation (mini lecture, group exercise)

      • Examine the challenges of implementation.
      • Distinguish between engagement and installation.
      • Develop strategies for successful engagement (implement the changes in ways that engender organizational support).
      • Record insights/actions on the Consulting Assignment Worksheet.

      Phase 5 – Extension, Recycle, Or Termination (mini-lecture)

      • Evaluate what went on during engagement and implementation.
      • Decide appropriate next steps (extend, recycle, or terminate).
      • Record insights/actions on the Consulting Assignment Worksheet.

      Wrap Up (group discussion, exercises)

      • Learning recap: putting it all together
      • Q&A
      • Revisit Consulting Assignment Worksheet: Develop specific action ensure their consulting assignment is successful.

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