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Strategies for Managing Change: Managing People in a Changing Environment

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Course description

As organizations develop new strategies to survive and grow, implementation of these changes requires employees to develop new knowledge, skills, and processes. This 2-day course focuses on the process of change, and what is required to build commitment to change within the organization. Discussion, analysis, and exercises will help you learn to manage change effectively, and become a more skillful change agent.

Who should attend

This program is highly recommended for all managers and project managers who want to improve their effectiveness in dealing with change.

What you will achieve

  • The ability to recognize the effects of change on the individual and in the organization.
  • An understanding of why people resist change and how to overcome that resistance in yourself and others.
  • An understanding of individual behavioral styles, and how to best adapt your style when helping others through change.
  • An understanding of how to structure communications to facilitate change.
  • An opportunity to apply knowledge to your own changing situations.

What you will learn

  • How to View Change from the Perspective of all Parties Involved — how to deal with the emotional impacts of change.
  • A Model of the Change Process — the normal stages necessary to gain acceptance of change.
  • Skills Associated with Effecting Change — what is needed to become a skillful change agent.
  • Strategies for Communicating Change — techniques for presenting clear and concise requirements for change.
  • Methods for Identifying and Working with Resistance — what is needed to work through individual and group resistance to change.
  • Strategies for Building Commitment — how to help individuals, teams, groups, and organizations develop a positive attitude toward, and commitment to, required change.

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