Improving Supervisory & Management Skills

Course description

This course provides you with both useful ideas and practical tools to improve your overall supervisory and management effectiveness. Mid-level and front-line managers and supervisors are the driving force for improving performance, productivity, quality, and innovation in today’s organizations. Whatever pressures and opportunities face you, this seminar will provide you with useful new skills and insights.

Who should attend

Mid-level and front-line supervisors and managers with some experience. The program is especially useful for "home-grown" supervisors and managers who have come up through the ranks of their organization.

What you will achieve

  • An understanding of the evolving role, impacts, pressures, and opportunities of supervisors and managers
  • Tools to understand and appreciate basic different personality types
  • Skills and insight to understand your own preferences and biases
  • The ability to manage your own time more effectively
  • One-on-one communications skills for giving criticism constructively and listening
  • Group communications skills, running better meetings, using consensus, and creative problem-solving.

What you will learn

  • Job Satisfaction — the core of job performance and how to improve your own and your subordinate's
  • Personality Types — the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and how to recognize, appreciate, and communicate effectively with different personalities
  • One-On-One Communications Skills — practical tools for communicating more comfortably and effectively, emphasis on listening skills, collaboration tools, and a positive assertive approach
  • Managing Priorities — developing an approach to time management that matches your personality preferences, biases, and blind spots
  • Performance Management — coaching and counseling skills, and why to give frequent quality time to subordinates in performance discussions
  • Better Meetings — group communications, run effective meetings, reach consensus, and do creative problem-solving with groups and teams.

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