Strategic Marketing: Concepts & Strategies

Course description

This course relates both traditional and new marketing concepts to today’s fast-paced, competitive and segmented business environment, with the emphasis on relating marketing theory to practical and effective real-world solutions. Both industrial and consumer situations will be considered with a strong focus on new product/service introduction, and product/service life cycle extension.

Who should attend

This program has been designed for those already in marketing, new marketing people without a formal marketing background, and non-marketing people who are interested in reviewing basic marketing concepts and need a better understanding of marketing.

What you will achieve

  • The ability to understand, evaluate, and modify or create a marketing plan for your organization.
  • An understanding of a market driven business approach.
  • A broad view of customer relationships, and how those relationships can be affected by the internal systems of your organization.

What you will learn

  • Marketing Process — introduction of a process through case study and examples which will serve as the foundation upon which one can build customized market plans.
  • Defining the Competition — techniques for recognizing the competitive forces acting on your markets and developing strategies to minimize their effect on your bottom line
  • Understanding Marketing Strategies — each will be analyzed with a view toward the implementation steps necessary to maximize their effectiveness
  • The Marketing Mix — strategies will be reviewed in the context of the overall marketing plan. Examples of both successful and unsuccessful mix strategies will be analyzed and the basic considerations necessary for successful strategy implementation will be identified.
  • The Relationship Between Sales and Marketing — reasons for the misunderstanding between each and focusing on ways of utilizing the sales function as part of the "marketing mix".
  • New Product Introduction — outline of a new product introduction evaluation format which can serve as a powerful tool to aid in new product launches.
  • Market Driven or Product Driven — advantages as well as the problems related to a customer or market driven strategy will be explored; concept of Market Segmentation and "Niche" Marketing will be reviewed, and a model for Collaborative Marketing will be introduced.

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