Positive Assertive Management

Course description

If you have trouble saying “no,” or feel that people do not really listen to you, this workshop is for you! It will empower you to state your case, resolve conflict, and negotiate positive outcomes — and give you fail-proof techniques to insure you will be heard.

Who should attend

Supervisors and managers who want to sharpen their self-image, increase their managerial effectiveness, and broaden their career choices will benefit from this course.

What you will achieve

  • The insight to know when and how to be assertive
  • The confidence to say "no" when you should
  • The ability to communicate more effectively with people who are angry or frustrated
  • The skill to identify and confront problem behavior and self-defeating response patterns
  • The know-how to manage passive behavior and defensiveness
  • Strategic skills that will make you a better listener and communicator.

What you will learn

  • The Meaning of Assertiveness —what distinguishes assertiveness from non-assertiveness and aggressiveness
  • How Assertiveness Can Benefit You —why every manager needs to be assertive and how it can help your career growth
  • Response Styles —the three response styles to threatening situations
  • Why People Behave the Way They Do —how to predict and understand behavior based on personalities and situations
  • Using Assertive Behavior —how to increase your own effectiveness and productivity
  • Constructive Confrontation —how to strategically plan for confrontation and anticipate consequences
  • Strategies for Assertive Listening —how to find the true meaning of what is being said
  • Profiting from Assertiveness Skills —how to design an action plan for immediate utilization of your new skills.

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