Online Project Procurement Management

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Course description

The Online Project Procurement Management course is intended to enable you to perform the tasks listed below.

  • Incorporate the processes of the Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area into day-to-day project management activities
  • Describe the Project Procurement Management process interactions and data flow
  • Define a contract and identify the elements that make it legally binding
  • Identify various interpretations of contracts that may arise due to unclear writing
  • Identify the various categories of contract pricing referenced in the PMBOK® Guide and the Federal Acquisitions Regulation (FAR)
  • Describe factors involved in selecting a type of contract or contract variation
  • Conduct a make-or-buy analysis to determine a procurement strategy for a particular item
  • Identify key components of a procurement management plan
  • Define criteria to evaluate a seller
  • Use a weighting system to rate sellers’ proposals
  • Create a records management system for project documents
  • Explain the process of completing and settling a contract, including resolution of any open items and closure of the contract
  • Explain the contracts and procurement process from the seller’s perspective

Course Features

Course content is broken down into Modules and Topics. Participants explore the content using a variety of interactive methods, including:

  • roll-overs which uncover more detailed information on particular terms
  • pop-ups which allow participants to explore diagrams, templates, and processes in more depth
  • an avatar, or animated mentor, who offers additional content that expands the topics on selected pages
  • knowledge checks that give participants a chance to review important points
  • practice exercises that present challenges and opportunities using a case study (Participants practice applying the content learned using real-world tools and techniques to solve the case study problems.)
  • graded quizzes identify topics participants have mastered and those they might need to study more
  • a graded final exam validates the knowledge gained and skills mastered for the time committed

In addition to individual interactivity, CEG also offers a learning community and social learning tools that allow participants to share with each other and gain a broader understanding from a variety of perspectives. Participants can take advantage of lively discussion boards and instructor-led chat sessions.

Course Expectations

To fulfill the requirements of this course and receive your final grade, make sure that:

  • All quizzes have been completed with a score of 70% or better
  • The final exam has been completed with a score of 70% or better

Who should attend

This course is primarily designed for people who have project management responsibilities. It is also for project leaders or anyone who will be performing in those roles in the future. Individuals taking this course should have at least two years of experience working on project teams.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Project Procurement Management

  • Overview of Project Procurement Management

Module 2: Legal Concepts of Contracts

  • Overview of Legal Concepts of Contracts
  • What Is a Contract?
  • Five Elements of Contracts
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
  • Contractual Authority
  • Contract Relationships
  • Contract Interpretation
  • Contract Conflicts

Module 3: Contract Types

  • Overview of Contract Types
  • Fixed-Price Contracts
  • Cost-Reimbursable Contracts
  • Time and Material Contracts
  • Contract Type Selection
  • Additional Contract Types

Module 4: Plan Procurement Management

  • Overview of the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Inputs to the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Plan Procurement Management Process
  • Outputs from the Plan Procurement Management Process

Module 5: Conduct Procurements

  • Overview of the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Conduct Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Conduct Procurements Process

Module 6: Control Procurements

  • Overview of the Control Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Control Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Control Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Control Procurements Process

Module 7: Close Procurements

  • Overview of the Close Procurements Process
  • Inputs to the Close Procurements Process
  • Tools and Techniques for the Close Procurements Process
  • Outputs from the Close Procurements Process

Module 8: Procurement Management for Sellers

  • Overview of Procurement from the Seller’s Perspective
  • Business Development
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Contract Negotiation and Execution
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Closure

What you will learn


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