Virtual Success: Working with Offsite People & Global Teams

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Course description

This two day course gives participants the principles, strategies, skills, and best practice tools required to be an effective distance manager and team member. Participants learn how to overcome obstacles of geography, isolation and history and to establish trust, motivate and unite people who are separated physically, and often culturally and emotionally.

Successful virtual managers need highly developed competencies in the areas of leadership, getting results, facilitation, overcoming barriers, business analysis, coaching, and role modeling. Participants use their real time business case examples to practice applying skills and tools, and to address their unique challenges.

Who should attend

  • Leaders/managers who have remote teams
  • Project and program managers
  • Sales and other distance managers
  • Remote team members

What you will achieve

  • Competency in leading and managing virtually
  • Skill in overcoming the typical obstacles of distance management
  • Knowledge of types of virtual teams and how to get peak performance
  • Ability to gain rapport, build trust with individuals and manage group dynamics
  • Ability to successfully manage the interaction of cultures
  • Strategies for most effectively leveraging technology in the virtual environment
  • How to develop rules of conduct and effectively facilitate virtual team meetings
  • Best practices for individual and group coaching
  • Celebrating success from a distance

What you will learn

  • Critical success factors and competencies for managing virtual teams and individuals
  • How to overcome the five things that can cripple your effectiveness
  • Skill in identifying the types of virtual teams and elements that add complexity
  • Six major steps in starting a virtual team
  • How to build trust from a distance
  • How to ensure that unique cultures are used to the group’s advantage
  • How to conduct effective team meetings and handle virtual team dynamics
  • How to conduct an individual competence inventory and plan development actions
  • How to be a successful virtual coach
  • Strategies for recognizing and rewarding people
Course Outline
Day One


  • Participant Exercise

Module 1: Sharing Virtual Leadership

  • Foundation Tools for Any Team
  • Diagnosing the 7 Elements of Effectiveness
  • Roles and Competencies
  • Virtual Leader Activities
  • 5 Factors that Cripple Success
  • Managing the Big Picture and Multiple Stakeholders
  • Providing Guideposts

Module 2: Trust Builder

  • Starting a Virtual Team
  • Building Trusted Relationships
  • Trust Building Strategies
  • Homework — Reading Assignment
Day Two

Module 3: Resource Provider

  • Allocating Resources
  • Assuring the Right Technology
  • Establishing Norms
  • Effective Virtual Meetings
  • Using Webex and Videoconferences
  • Cross-Cultural Challenges
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Team Meeting Evaluation

Module 4: Results Catalyst

  • Effective Delegation
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Professional Development Profile
  • Decision Making in a Team
  • Handling Conflict
  • Performance Feedback and Reviews

Module 5: Closing

  • Skill Application — Case Studies
  • Summary and Close


  • Team Building Ideas
  • Ideas for Celebrating Success
  • Project Management Template
  • Goal Setting and Team Interaction

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