Coaching Skills for Project Managers

Course description

Coaching is a process that facilitates productive changes. It does this through the creation of a conscious and structured relationship that is focused on learning, improving, and delivering business results. A coach can help guide, create and monitor processes for individuals and teams to take purposeful actions in achieving goals. Coaching is not management and not leadership. This course is the first step in learning to be a coach. The participant will watch and experience being coached, learn basic skills, become familiar with some tools of coaching, and learn when it is appropriate for Project Managers to use or not use coaching. Successful organizational change and learning initiatives have been publicly recognized to be directly related to coaching.

Who should attend

Individuals who will benefit from this course include:

  • New and experienced Project Managers
  • Team Leaders and individuals who want to increase their leadership understanding and ability
  • Managers and Supervisors

What you will achieve

  • Awareness of the power and use of coaching
  • The experience of being coached and of having coached others
  • The use of coaching tools and techniques
  • How to use coaching tools and techniques in your environment

What you will learn

  • Coaching — what it is, how to do it, and when
  • To use the basic skills of coaching to:
    • Surface powerful questions
    • Create actions and be accountable to them
    • Listen between the lines
    • Try new perspectives and reframing
  • How to develop coaching relationships and processes that are based on a contract, goals and permissions
  • Where to find additional resources and facts on coaching
Course Outline
Day One

Module 1: Coaching and Demo

  • Definitions and benefits of coaching
  • Roles where coaching is and is not effective
  • Coaching cycle

Module 2: Power of Questions

  • Effective and Powerful Questions
  • Question Coaching Exercise

Module 3: Listening Between the Lines

  • Observation Styles
  • Observation Exercise

Module 4: Perspective

  • Holding on to how it is
  • Shifting Perspectives
  • Perspective Exercise

Module 5: Results

  • Actions
  • Accountability
  • Smart Actions and Goals

Module 6: Coaching Relationship

  • Structures
  • Additional Resources
  • Your Coaching Plan

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